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Shagun Scheme Punjab

Well, now that the women’s empowerment has got so much priority in India, both the central and state governments have been really active in offering the beneficial schemes for a huge number of women. Punjab has always been on the top list for offering a huge number of opportunities for the ladies. The state is greatly influenced by the preaching of the gurus and saints who are solely against the child marriages, female foeticide, the Sati Pratha and Illiteracy of women. To empower the schedule caste girls and the women within the state for uplifting their education, economic and social status, the Punjab state government has implemented a lot of schemes.

The Shagun scheme was initialized in the year 1997. This has played a rally important role in for helping the under privileged families during the time of their girls marriage. For ensuring the timely delivery of the benefits 100% amount in his welfare scheme shall be credited to the accounts of the beneficiaries through the online management. The overall budget set up by the government was 98 crore and that has been set up for the Shagun scheme for the financial year 2015-16.

Shagun Scheme Punjab

What are the objectives of Shagun Scheme? 

  • To bring a positive change after a girl child is born and support the family financially so that it faces no trouble in raising her.
  • To discourage any girl child marriage and encourage marriages only after the girl has attained the legal age for marriage.
  • For improving the education and health of the girl child.
  • Maintain the gender balance and help the family in making a proper planning for the future of the girl.

What are the eligibility criteria of the Shagun scheme?

Within the Shagun scheme, he following conditions should be met:

  • The girl child needs to be born within the BPL families.
  • The girl child needs to belong in a family of Scheduled Caste or a Christian family. The scheme is restricted to the SC families who have an annual income of Rs 20000 within the rural areas and have an annual income of Rs 27000 in the urban areas.
  • The parents shall have to adopt the two child norms as introduced by the Punjab and Haryana High Court bar Association for the employees. The Bar Association shall start with the Shagun of Rs 51000 for the marriage of scheduled castes and Christian girls.

How to Apply for Shagun Scheme

According to the existing provisions, the family can apply for provisions within this scheme one month prior or one month later the wedding date has been finalized

Rs 60 crore is the Amount offered by Punjab Government for 40,105 beneficiaries. And by September 2015, Rs 41.43 crore has been transferred within the accounts of the 27611 beneficiaries.

Shagun Scheme Punjab tabular view

SNo Parameters Details
1 Name of Scheme Shagun Scheme
2 State Punjab
3 Launched By Prakash Singh Badal
4 Launched on 1997
5 Beneficieries Womens of Punjab belonging to SC or Christian Family on their marriage
6 Scheme Amount Rs 15,000

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