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                Samarth Sangini Yojana in MP for Women Safety 

The Samarth Sangini Yojana has been implemented by the Bhopal state government. In order to make the scheme fruitful, the Director-General of Police (DGP) has come with certain instruction for the superintendents of police (SPs) which regards to this particular scheme.

Samarth Sangini Yojana in MP

The scheme is introduced by the government in order to check crime that is going on against the women. By this particular scheme NGOs, Anganwadi workers and helpers, agencies associated with the counseling members and other government organization to take a major step Anganwadi worker and helpers, to get rid of the problems that are performed to harsh the women.

Implementation of the scheme

To have better inspection against such crimes on women, the Director-General of Police (DGP) Mr. Shula has announced to create the nodal officers and the nodal officers will be from the superintendent of police and also the deputy superintendent of police.

With such initiative, the authorities as well as the government, the women especially in the rural areas to have better protection. They will have the opportunity to complain against the molestation, domestic violence and rape. The scheme has also forced the officials to take immediate actions based on such cases. The innovation of Samarth Sangini Yojana has been an important innovation for the security of the women. The scheme has positive results with its first implementation in Betul district and that has encouraged the people in that particular locality. With such scheme the police have helped with lot of information and thereby the investigation of the crimes becomes more easy and perfect against the women.


The scheme has certain objectives and the objectives are listed in the points given below:

  • It aims at providing better safety to the women and thereby the women in the state would easily have their privacy. In any problem, the nodal officers appointed from the superintendent of police and additional superintendent of police will take immediate action to it.
  • With such scheme the women are made advantageous as they could launch any problem and that will taken as the report against the crimes including the incidents like the molestation, rape and violence in domestic cause.
  • The objectives also say that the crime rate against the women would be minimized to considerable number and thereby the women could safely use the roads even during the late night.
  • The department has also decided to spread the scheme across all parts of the state and thereby the women of every district could have better opportunity to fight against the injustice that is done to them.

Madhya Pradesh government launched this scheme for making the safety of women. For introducing this scheme women got many benefits and the improvement of the society became possible. These benefits are as follows:

  • For introducing this scheme rape, molestation can be reducing all over the state.
  • Women can easily submit the name, who irritates her. Then government Police constantly arrests the person.
  • Instant step was done by the Police. As a result ordinary women will get the hymn of life their confidence automatically increased.
  • For implementing this system within the state any people do not create any corruptions because their punishment will be very tough.
  • As a result corruptions, which are related with sexual harassment, became abolished and normal women lead a peaceful life.

The scheme has provided a serious feedback for the women of not only this state but also for the women of other states across the nation.


The implementation of the scheme has come up with some great results and as per the result the crime rate against the women has been reduced to considerable number. Some of the statistics shows that there is considerable reduction of crimes against the women and as per the records the graph shows that with such implementation there is a sudden downfall of crime rate against the women and it is very essential for the development of women and thereby leading to the development of the nation.

The scheme is made successful with the department of police force.  The scheme has helped the police to take immediate action against the accused person. Thereby the presence of police and their action to the scheme has made the scheme fruitful and useful for the women across the state as well as the nation.


The implementation of Samarth Sangini Yojana has helped the women to come up with better plans for themselves against the crimes that were imposed on them. The scheme has helped the women to think in a better way and thereby they could able to achieve better position in the society. The reduction of crime rate against the women has helped the women to fulfill their wish and desire. Thereby the women could able to reach the top position in several places. The development of such scheme has allowed the women as well as the state to have better development and thereby the development of the nation is achieved.


Name of the scheme Samarth Sangini Yojana
Implemented by Bhopal state government
State involved Madhya Pradesh
For the benefits of Women of Madhya Pradesh
First implementation Baitul district

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