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Samagra gramya unnayan yojana in Assam

The state government of Assam organized Chief Minister Samagra Gramya Unnayan Yojana with the approval of the Finance Minister. A session took place few months back where all the high officials of the state were present. Main missions and 9 sub missions of this Samagra Gramya Unnayan Yojana was declared by the minister. This will be beneficial for the people who stay in rural areas of the state. The chairman of this project is honorable chief minister of the state and the vice president is the honorable finance minister of the state. The other members are high officials and ministers from different departments of the state government.

Samagra gramya unnayan yojana in Assam

The main objectives of Samagra Gramya Unnayan Yojana

The main objective of this project is to double the farm income in Assam by 2021 or 2022. The 75th independence of India will be commemorated in this wonderful way by the government. This will be done by involving direct economic activities, proposing infrastructures or logistic support including market linkages and along with these, community mobilization support. The finance department will be funding and looking after the main mission. The department will be executing all necessary activities to achieve the main goal of this project so that the laid back people from remote areas are beneficial.

In order to achieve the goal there are a few things that has to be focused according to the state government officials and the members of this project. They are –

Sno Members of Project
1 skill development
2 improving irrigation facilities
3 protection of land resources
4 convergence of various departmental scheme
5 rural income generation
6 maintain coordination between new mission and existing mission
7 special attention towards certain class of people
8 emphasizing the village based on culture
9 ecosystem

The nine sub missions of this project

There are 9 sub missions in this project that will be implemented in each of the village to increase the potential of each village in different possible ways. These sub missions are the major milestones that have to be covered to reach the main goal that is proposed.

  • Land management and conservation sub mission – the objectives of this mission is to improve the land based on fertility, agriculture. The prevention of land degradation must be checked and the farm production must be increased.
  • Fishery sub mission – increase in the fish production must be checked. Initiate more income in this sub mission so that people are more interested in this small industry.
  • Milk sub mission – development of many dairies and make sufficient milk production for the state are the major objectives of this sub mission.
  • Organic agriculture sub mission – the objectives are to increase agriculture and agriculture based activities in the village and along with this empowers the rural people.
  • Sericulture, khadi and cotton industry – the objectives of this sub mission is to encourage handloom, sericulture, khadi and cotton industries so that there is increase in the employment
  • Broad-band connectivity sub mission – the objective of this sub mission is to initiate the digital life and internet in the villages.
  • Semi- processing, processing and marketing linkages sub mission – initiating agri-business and controlling the post harvest losses are the objectives of this sub mission.
  • Youth, yoga and sports sub mission – the objective of this submission is to maintain good health of the youth and help in the skill development.

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