Dec 222015

Rajasthan will launch Jal Swavlamban Yojana by next month

In the state with scarcity of water and water resources, the Jal Swavlamban Yojana will be launched by next month. The yojana aims to utilize the water that comes in the state of Rajasthan from various water resources and is then stored in the state for consumption of the population. Moreover the Jal Swavlamban Yojana is a scheme that would make the state self-reliable with the help of the local water resources.

Rajasthan Jal Swavlamban Yojana

For the execution and success of the project, a huge budget of Rs.1500 crores is sanctioned by the Rajasthan Government. The final approval for the execution was given by the chief minister of the state Vasundhara Raje after a top level ministers meeting was held in Jaipur, according to the state Transport minister Baboo Lal Verma.

The budget of Rs. 1500 crores has been sanctioned for the Yojana with the cooperation from all sectors and even corporates. The indulgence of these bodies ensures that the implementation of the Jal San Yojana will be a success.

On the same morning Vasundhara Raje was also present on an inaugural function of a three day long photo exhibition in the Jaipur’s district public relation office.

On the occasion she highlighted the achievements and accomplishments of the state government in her speech. The government under her rule has completed 2 successful years in the state on December 13. She criticized the condition that the State government was having two years ago when Congress was ruling the State.

Mr. Verma also claimed that the state’s economy has been rejuvenated under the Vasundhara Raje’s government and big initiatives like ‘Resurgent Rajasthan’ have been launched in the state. The state has also invested an amount of 3 crores on the Resurgent Rajasthan scheme, he added. This also helped them to gain the trust of the people for their government. Moreover, according to him Vasundhara Raje has always worked for the betterment and development of Rajasthan by every possible means and has also launched many initiatives and schemes in the state.

Another ministers and officials who were present on the occasion were Local BJP MLA Ashok Dogera, District Collector Neha Giri and Chairman of Bundi Municipal Council, Mahaveer Modi.

Further when Mr. Verma was questioned about the allegedly slow progress and execution of some other welfare schemes that were launched in the district, by a media person, he explained his concern for the same and also directed the concerned officials for the troubleshooting.

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