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Pension scheme for BPL women in Telangana

Finally Telangana government has launched its much awaited pension scheme for the single ladies. The state has been recently coming up with a lot of schemes for its women citizens. This new scheme however, is aimed towards the below poverty level or BPL women.

Pension scheme for BPL women in Telangana

Through this scheme the government aims to improve the state of the women – especially those who belong to the downtrodden sections of the society. This will not only give them financial assistance but also confidence to have their contribution to the family. Furthermore, it might benefit their livelihood even if by a little bit more.

The government while launching this new scheme specially mentioned that poverty affected women more badly than men. This was because women have special daily needs. Also the psychological impacts of poverty affect women worse, this is why, it as impending that those women receive the benefits of this scheme.

 Features of the scheme

  • The scheme will give Rs. 1000 to the women who qualify under this scheme. it will begin distributing the amounts from April, 2017 onwards,
  • If you are a woman whose annual household income is below Rs. 2 lakh then you fall under the BPL category and you will be automatically eligible to get the benefits of this scheme.
  • This is claimed to be a novel welfare scheme that has not been launched before. The government officials will see to it that this scheme is implemented properly.
  • According to the estimates of the government, nearly 2 to 3 lakh women will receive the benefits of this scheme directly. They will propagate the benefits of this scheme to the family they come in direct contact with.

Implementation of the scheme

The state officials mentioned that since the scheme would start taking effect from the next financial year itself, the district collectors would be asked to collect the information of the women. Hence it can be assumed that the women will soon have to start registering for the scheme. However more details on this have not been provided.

The government has notified that there is an “immediate” order to start implementing this scheme. You may as well want to keep an eye out at the local municipal bodies to ensure that you get the benefits of this scheme.

The CM Rao has urged the women to participate in this scheme and register their names to get its benefits. He also appealed to the legislators to help women start the process of implementation so that they are able to reach out to maximum number of eligible women.

The budget that would be allocated for this purpose has still not been disclosed. It is being mulled over that the budget revelations will be done in the assembly in March, 2017.

Why has this new scheme been put in place?

According to the government officials, the new scheme has been put in place because the women aren’t able to sustain their families. In fact, the officials clearly mentioned that the “hard work” that they are outing in day in and day out isn’t being enough to sustain them. Therefore the implementation of a new scheme is mandatory to help them out.

It must be noted that the government has launched many new such schemes such as “Kalyan Laxmi”, “Asara”, and “Shadi Mubarak” in the past to alleviate the sufferings of the women in the poor sections.

Budget allocation and deeper implications

Perhaps when the announcement for the new scheme has been made, more women will be benefitted. The women who are beedi workers will also be all set to receive the pension of Rs.1000 by this new scheme.  There is already a large section of the women who are working as construction workers and labourers. Assurance of their health and survival has become one of the prime matters of importance to the government. Hence they are making all the necessary arrangements to ensure that these women are able to continue their livelihood better.

How has this scheme been received at the state level?

After the announcement of this scheme on Friday the single women of the state have expressed their deepest gratitude for the government. It seems like they have been moved by this new effort that has been put in place. The government went ahead to reassure them that their government will standby women.

During the event where this new scheme was announced, the chief Minister enquired about the status of the several previous schemes that were put in place to help women. The scheme was announced on Friday but on 7th January women met with the CM and expressed their gratitude as they have also been exempted from various government rules right now.

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