Oct 152015

Palna Scheme Went Live at Uttarakhand

Chief Minister of Uttarakhand – Shri Harish Rawat, on October 4, 2015, formally launched the awaited Palna Scheme which is aimed towards those newborns in Uttarakhand who are abandoned by their parents. The scheme specifically targets newborn girl children who are often dumped as orphans in heaps of garbage or are killed simply because they are girls.

During the inauguration, the CM said that Uttarakhand does not want to be a part of the shameful practice of female feticide. He said that all abandoned newborn girls will be adopted by the government and every single child will be raised not as a daughter of individual parents but as a daughter of Uttarakhand itself.

Palna Scheme Went Live at Uttarakhand

Kedarpuram’s Rajkiya Balika Niketan as well as Nari Niketan were the two spots chosen by Shri Harish Rawat for the inauguration of the scheme. Alongside the Palna Scheme, the CM also went ahead and formally launched the skills development program for girls and women who are mentally challenged. This other scheme is named as Nai Jindagi.

As a part of the formal launch of Palna Scheme, the CM placed a cradle right in front of the doors of Rajkiya Balika Niketan along with a bell. The idea is that those parents who do not want their girl child for whatever reason can come and put their newborn child in the cradle instead of killing her or throwing her in garbage dumps. The CM also said that strategic locations are being selected all across the state where such cradles or palnas will be installed with the same purpose.

Speaking about the Nai Jindagi scheme, the CM said that the mentally challenged women and girls in Uttarakhand do have certain skills and the government wants to make sure that those untapped skills are harnessed in the right way. Citing an example, he said, production of dhoopbati or incense sticks using waste flowers is one of the many products these women and girls are capable of once they are properly trained. These incense sticks are bio-friendly and can actually generate revenues when sold through proper channels.

The CM said that whatever amount of revenue is earned by selling products produced by the mentally challenged women and girls will be matched by government funding and the whole amount will then be used for the welfare activities of these women and girls.

Dr Bupinder Kaur Aulakh – State Secretary, Radha Raturi – State’s Principal Secretary and State MLA, Shri Kunwar Parnav Singh Champion were some of several dignitaries who attended the inauguration ceremony.

Bottom line: both Palna and Nai Jindagi are noble schemes. The only thing we need to see now is how well these schemes are executed. We hope that they will work the way they are intended to work. Only time can say what’s stored in future.

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