Jan 022018

(Apply @ nari.nic.in) Nari Online Portal Women Empowerment Schemes

With an aim to promote women empowerment, Mrs. Maneka Gandhi shall be inaugurating the NARI web portal services. The new web portal services have been launched with an aim to help women of the country to collect all information related to the various government schemes. The women will also be able to gather information related to incentives offered under each scheme for women benefit.


Launched Date

  • The new web portal services were inaugurated by Mrs. Maneka Sanjay Gandhi on 2nd Jan 2018 in the presence of Dr. Virendra Kumar (State Minister for women and Child Development).
  • The entire program for the launch of the new web portal services was organized at Country Capital New Delhi.

Key Features of the ‘Nari’ Web Portal Services

  • According to the statements made, the new web portal services will offer women with a convenience where they can collect all required information regarding the incentive benefits under various schemes on the same web portal.
  • The web portal services will offer women with complete details of over 350 beneficiary schemes along with all other relevant information that is required to get registered under the scheme.
  • One main benefit of the web portal is that the government will update all information regarding new launches and schemes in real time that can be collected instantly.
  • The web portal services will also offer the women with access to major government departments that are linked with different schemes including access to various Ministry departments.
  • Using the web portal services women can also collect more relevant information about the tips that they need to follow for consuming nutritional diet, major diseases and precautions, job application and search options and health related tips and guidelines.
  • The government will also update the web portal services with information related to following for saving benefits, methods to identify the criminal activities going on against women, the entire process to follow when reporting these activities along with access to various legal bodies within the country.
  • Women can also collect more information related to developing their skills for better life style such that they can take full benefit of each of the scheme launched and introduced by the government for their benefit.
  • Using the new web portal services the NGOs and other civil authorities can on timely basis also offer women with feedbacks, share their views and practices, post grievances and much more.
  • NGOs and MWCD will also be able to log onto the web portal services at real time and check with each of the feedbacks. This process will help in taking precautionary measures and implementing all policies effectively.

The government also made it very clear that the rights for children and women empowerment are definitely one of the top rated priorities presently. The twin portals of NARI and e-Samvad will help in talking all necessary steps toward this direction.


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