Nai Roshni Yojana


Nai Roshni (Roshani) Yojana 

Women are important developing the society but in the modern day survey is suggesting that the number of females per male has reduced to considerable number. In order to improve the numbers the government has started the scheme known as the Nai Roshni Yojana. The scheme was established by the women empowerment ministry. It is basically a leadership program for the development of women who are included in the minority section during the year 2012 to 2013.


These are the following objectives that the Ministry of Minorities Affairs is aiming to establish among the women. These are mentioned in the points given below:

  • It empowered the women of minority communities to have better knowledge and therefore they are provided with required tools and techniques which will be used to interact with banks, systems related to government and the intermediaries.
  • It encourages the minority women to come out of the homes and they are imposed with the roles of leader within the community.

Nai Roshni Yojana


These are the following features that are equipped with the Yojana and these features are listed in the points given below:

  • These organizations are eligible under certain scheme and it includes the financial assistance and the assistances are:
    1. Registration of the society under the Registration Act of 1860.
    2. For the time being, a force was being developed to register the Public Trust.
  • The non-profit company registered under the private sector is enforced under the Indian Company Act of 25.
  1. Higher learning institutions like the universities are recognized by the UGC.
  2. Training institutions are also established which even includes the Panchayati Raj Training institutes.
  3. The self help groups are also registered.
  • The above organizations are responsible for implementing the schemes and it will aid to the Ministry of Minority Affairs.
  • The women will provided with the training to develop the leadership skills among them and at the same time education is also provided to them.
  • Special trainings are also provided so that the women can meet the local needs and the common problems faced by the women.
  • The audio visual aids are also provided to the women so that they can have better knowledge from the training manuals.
  • There are several agencies from the nongovernmental organization who are also involved to the training manuals.
  • There are also the committees who are responsible for approving the modules done on the trainings.


The scheme has certain implementation and these implementations are undertaken by the organizations and these undertakings are listed in the points given below:

  • The villages or the urban localities are found where the implementation of the scheme to be done is listed by the organization.
  • The women are to be identified to whom the training need to be provided.
  • The administration of the women those who are of the minority class are listed for the residential or the non residential training facilities.
  • It was implemented during the year 2012 to 2013.
  • The scheme is mainly focusing on the development of the minority and it is mainly monitored by the NGOs.
  • The guidelines has implemented that the Panchayat in the village level and local urban bodies for the urban people to be implemented for the welfare.
  • The electronic media is also used to telecast the regional or Hindi.


In the early days, people classified some women under the category of minority. Because of the classification, these women are ill-treated in the society and therefore the ministry of minority affairs came up with certain ideas and because of this idea the women are developing rapidly and that is indirectly and directly helping the society to develop.


NAME OF THE YOJANA Nai Roshni Yojana
INTRODUCED BY Ministry of Minorities Affairs
ORGANIZATION INVOLVED NGOs, Civil societies and Government Institutions all over the country
OBJECTIVES   To empower and instill confidence among minority women

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