Dec 292015

Muktidhara Scheme For Self-Help Groups in West Bengal

Inaugurating yet another scheme to support the MSMEs, the government of West Bengal has concocted Project Muktidhra. Brainchild of the Chief Minister of West Bengal Mamata Banerjee, project “Muktidhara” is focused at the general advancement of self improvement groups in West Bengal.

Muktidhara Scheme For Self-Help Groups in West Bengal

The scheme was propelled authoritatively in the district of Nadia by the minister of State Consumer Affairs Shri Sadhan Pandey.

The project of Muktidhara has been started to guarantee relentless earning, head out destitution and achieve monetary advancement through the groups of self-help and schemes of self-employment.

The project basically focuses to enable the monetarily poor classes, particularly females and increase income of every family every month and in this way working out more methods for arranging occupation for these individuals. The undertaking began in the areas of Paschim Medinipur & Purulia and succeeded to get achievement.

The groups of self help are being urged to deliver lac, vegetables, nuts, make apiaries, making plates from the sal leaves, making puffed rice, as well as take up training and raising of poultry, dark Bengal goats, pigs and many more. The groups of self help enlisted under the project will be provided training furthermore in the introductory period of the venture Muktidhara, the groups of self help will be also provided a loan of about Rs. 1.25 Lacs.

The project “Muktidhara” is intended for the general advancement of the groups of self-help and it is one of the main initiative taken by the Chief Minister of Bengal Mamata Banerjee.

It is sure that this project will bring financial stability and regular income to needy people if implemented properly. The poor people of West Bengal are in need of this kind of project for many years. The chief minister of west Bengal had taken a solid step in eliminating poverty and unemployment in the rural areas of West Bengal through the scheme “Muktidhara”.

Through this scheme, huge numbers of people are going to be benefitted but the main thing is that the state government should keep an eye on the developments going to happen through this scheme. The officials of the state government should fully co-operate with the people who want to take benefit from this scheme. There should be no partiality in providing the benefits of the scheme “Muktidhara”. If state government fails to keep an eye on the development and the people then it will become a big fail resulting loss of huge amount of money and effort.

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