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Mukhyamantri Nidan Yojana in Gujarat

This flagship scheme by the state govt. of Gujarat was launched in the 7th of April, 2016 to revise and improve the quality of health services that are presently being offered by the government for the people of the state. Under this scheme, the Hon’ble Chief Minister of Gujarat has announced that free improved and quality medical facilities and treatment options will be given to the people residing in both the rural as well as urban areas of the state. Under this provision, the health centers will be equipped with modern treatment facilities and the patients will not have to visit private hospitals for their better treatment.

Mukhyamantri Nidan Yojana in Gujarat

Free and quality medical tests for all

All the govt. colleges, govt. hospitals and health centers in rural as well as urban areas will be equipped with technologies and medical equipments to perform almost all types of medical tests. Be it complex medical tests for kidney, regular blood and urine tests or costly typhoid tests, every medical facility will be capable to perform the tests for free and will serve the state people. People will no longer have to go to private clinics and spend fortunes to perform the medical tests for their treatment. There is a condition in the health centers, not only in Gujarat, but also in almost all states that although the medical centers have treatment facilities, but the patients do not get medical test facilities in every govt. hospitals and have to rely on private ones. That’s why this scheme is launched to provide free quality medical tests for all.

Where will be the Mukhyamantri Nidan Yojana implemented?

This CM’s project for free and quality medical test for all in the state of Gujarat will be implemented right from the ground level i.e. the primary health centers and all the medical colleges of the state run by the Govt. will also be brought under this scheme. Almost all medical units will provide the patients, opportunity of free medical laboratory test. The lab tests will be performed for almost every need of patients which will be prescribed by the doctors and the patients will also be able to get the reports on time. Below are the details of the medical units where the scheme for quality medical tests for free will be implemented in the state:

Sl. No. Type of Govt. medical centers in Gujarat No, of Medical centers under the project
1 Sub Health Centers (SHCs) 9156
2 Primary Health Centers(PHCs)` 1342
3 Community Health Centers (CHCs) 331
4 Sub – District Hospitals 33
5 District Hospitals 22
6 Medical Colleges 16

Initialization of the Mukhyamantri Nidan Yojana

The Gujarat CM has launched this free medical test for all, scheme in the town of Mahemdavad. She has promised the Gujarat people that they will no longer need to go to the private labs for their medical tests. All kinds of tests like diabetes, urine, stool, blood, malaria, hepatitis, etc. will be performed for free in the state run hospitals and health centers. For this project, the CM has already granted Rs. 3.75 crore for the town of Mahemdavad, Gujarat.

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