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Mukhyamantri Kanya Vivah Yojana (Madhya Pradesh, MP)

The scheme Kanya Vivah Yojana (MP) was launched in the month of April 2006 in order to render financial backing to marriageable girls of poor family units incorporating divorcees, destitute and widows. The scheme is being carried out by the Social Justice Department covering the whole state. The criteria of eligibility is that an individual or family ought to be under – the family ought to be residents of MP and should presently be residing there, the applicant girl’s family ought to be poor, in addition the girl ought to be 18 years of age or above. No cash inducements are provided to the applicant. Every applicant is supplied in clothes, utensils, ornaments, pressure cooker, stove, LPG cylinder, sewing machine, and so on, worth of 9,000 rupees. The administration which carries on the function of marriage is provided 1,000 rupees to fulfill the spending. Earlier, the monetary incentive provided under this scheme was 5,000 rupees. The documents needed from the applicants to enjoy the scheme are domicile certificate, age proof, family income proof, if the applicant is widow then husband’s death certificate, and if the applicant is a divorcee then proof of divorce.

Mukhyamantri Kanya Vivah Yojana

The Principal Secretary of the DSJ is the enforcing authority of this scheme at state level. While the Collector as well as the Dy Director of DSJ are the enforcing authorities of district level. The Missions of Deendayal Antyodaya are founded at district level to implement the Yojana. All the related officials as well as workers had been briefed about the planning of this scheme in the meetings of various levels. Promotion through banners, hoardings, newspapers advertisements and posters was undertaken. Electronic media have been also utilized to generate consciousness. Information sharing as well as discussions was executed at diverse meetings of urban & rural local bodies. The applicants are anticipated to present the application with the needed documents in addition the concerned functionaries are approved to affirm the info provided in their applications and authorize the applications only when it accomplishes the eligibility criterion.

Negative Comments

The officials at state level accepted that they have got some complaints regarding the applicant’s age being less compared to the prescribed legal age of marriage. Occasionally, to enjoy the advantages of the scheme, a few instances of remarriage have also been seen. A befitting mechanism is now monitoring the execution of this scheme. The verification of all beneficiaries’ forms is accomplished by the officials of district level of Panchayat as well as the SJD. Directives were issued to the whole districts to take mark sheet, birth certificate, voter ID, voter list, ration card, any license released by the authorized authorities to ascertain that the applicant’s age is appropriate for marriage. The PRIs are involved with the execution of this scheme as they’re the accredited bodies for registering marriages in maximum states. Likewise, local NGOs have been as well asked to machinate the marriages of applicants as beneficiaries.

A few applicants of this scheme were questioned and maximum of them expressed that either Sarpanch or local NGOs incited them in registering under this scheme. They got the anticipated particulars largely at marriage, although there was postponement in some instances. Some of them felt that since they received articles of daily use, it contributed in a huge way to abbreviate expenses associated with marriage. People were pleased that they didn’t have to do lot of expending for marriage ceremony of their girl Childs.

Some NGOs sensed that the criteria of eligibility to enjoy this scheme are quite simple. Nevertheless, there ought be an extra condition that the applicant ought to have passed Class-10. Some individuals told that they encountered problems in acquiring the age certification. There were cases where applicants below 18 years got married. Occasionally the applicant’s families as well as the PRIs conspire in the procedure. According to an Economic Survey, about 88,000 marriages have been solemnized on April 2006 &March 2009 within this Yojana. However, in the year 2009 there’re allegations in the papers that the applicants were needed to test their virginity by the establishment. There were studies that about 14 women have been tested positive of pregnancy and hence their applications have been declined for financial support. So, the NCW has asked a written report from the government. Few newspapers as well reported that there’re instances of “false marriages” in spite of these dissertations, this scheme is well liked and the CM of Madhya Pradesh is making attempts to draw in more applicants. Some political observers believe that Kanya Vivah Yojana has assisted the CM of Madhya Pradesh and his Party to win support from the people.


This Yojana is specifically proposed for people belonging to poor BPL families. By confining the advantage to only 2 girl Childs or by furnishing a bigger bonus for the 1st girl, this scheme unknowingly winds up appraising girls differentially according to their positions in the order of birth. This scheme is helping lots of poor families and the numbers of these families are very huge.

Fund Allocation and Beneficiaries

Year Expenditure Budget Outlay No. of Beneficiaries
2009-2010 14.18 25 19579
2008-2009 25.98 26.18 43297
2007-2008 19.57 19.20 32621

*Rupees in crores

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