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How to Make Whatsapp Video Call in Android beta version

Well, smartphones are not just another phone in now days. It has become a gadget of daily usage and multitasking. Starting from video calls to sending mails, images and videos, we can almost everything through our smartphones. In simple terms, we just need the smartphones and without them a hell lot of work will be unfinished. One important factor why smartphones have become so important is, they have innumerable applications. These applications help us to keep in touch with our near and dear ones while doing our jobs. And one of the most important applications is called Whatsapp.

How to Make Whatsapp Video Call in Android beta version

The concept of voice calling in Whatsapp

This application lets you text, call, send photos, videos and files. You might have received a lot of updates for this application regarding bug fixes and all. From a long time, the developers were thinking about installing video calling feature within Whatsapp. And finally this has become successful. According to the reports, the application has got the video calling facility. Though this is still in the beta phase, which means you might find a lot of bugs in the application update. But still this is really good news for the Whatsapp users.

Good luck for Android users

It cannot be denied that innumerable people are a fan of Whatsapp audio calls. It does not take up too much time to connect. All you need to have is good internet connectivity and you can carry out the call as long as you want. And this is what will happen with the video calls too. Yes, we understand that video calling will need at least a 3G connection. But that won’t be a major issue because; 3G has become really common now days. If you have the latest version of Whatsapp installed, which is v2.16.318, you will have the video calling feature. At first it was decided that the first video calling feature will be used for the iOS devices and then it will come to the android ones. But since the android beta version already has the video calling feature, it is definitely a good luck for the android users.

How to download and install?

If you want to get the latest version of Whatsapp, you need to download the latest version from any external link. Because this is not yet available in Google play store. You have to first sign in to become a beta tester for that application. And then you can use the application for video calling. So how are you going to place a video call? It is simple; all you need to do is place a call through the voice call button. Now you will have two options, one is the voice call and other is the video call. The beta version is compatible with any version of android above 2.1.

The downsides of Whatsapp latest version

But there is a catch in this process. You will only be able to place a video call if the other person receiving that call is also using a beta version. This means, both users need to be on the latest beta version. Or else it will show an error message, it might also show, “could not place a call”. Know that, this Whatsapp v2.16.318 is the beta version itself. When it will be rolled to the masses, it will come up with a lot more features. At present this app does not have a separate video call icon. You can use any cameras, the front or the rear cameras to make a video call.

The different features

The available options during a video call are a mute option, and message sending option. If you tap on the send message button, it will pause the video call. If a video call gets disconnected from one end, then the users will have the option of cancelling and calling again, or record a message. The same options that you get for voice calls will be available for video calls also. But there will be some issues with the video call quality and call clarity. There are delayed audio issues and also the video quality is poor. But you can expect that, with the official update these issues will be resolved. At present, there is no option to specifically tweak the data usage. But you can expect that three will be a good consumption of internet data.

Take care of the following factors

So if you are opting for the video call in Whatsapp, you have to make sure of two things, one is, the person is using the same beta version of v2.16.318 and the second factor is you have a proper data connection with sufficient data, at least more than 500mb. The data charges are pretty high. There are a few additional features installed in this version. It comes with a Knock Knock feature that offers users with a glimpse of the caller even before they can pick up the call. Now this is something really unique.

A tabular overview of the Whatsapp video calling feature

SL NO Facts to know Brief details
1. Number of active users 1 million for Whatsapp till now
2. Additional features Sending Zip files, doodle images
3. Parent company Facebook
4. Primary focus To reduce the data consumption while video calls

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