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How to make  Video Calling on Whatsapp

We all were looking forward to it and now it’s finally happening. Months and months of speculations have now ended as the latest update coming to users has revealed the Whatsapp Video Calling features.Though currently it’s still on the beta version only, the feature to make video calls is available to both Android and Window based smartphones.

Last year when Whatsapp offered its call feature to its users, experts and users alike knew that the next logical step would be to introduce video calling feature. There is no denying the fact that everyone was on the hype train as having an easy to use and free video calling is now a must have.

How to make  Video Calling on Whatsapp

Here are few reasons we all wanted Video Calling on Whatsapp:

  • We use it so often that having a video call option is logical next step.
  • Whatsapp was bought by Facebook, its messenger app offers a seamless video call feature so why not Whatsapp.
  • Most of use Whatsapp as a staple messaging and calling app. To make video calls we resort to other apps. Having it all in one app will make our lives incredibly easy.

Video Calling on Whatsapp:

To make calls on Whatsapp, you will have to get the latest version of the app which happens to be the 2.16.318 to make calls. Obviously the recipient of your calls should also have the latest version to make it work.

The beta version is only available to those that signed up for it. However in some cases, users have accessed the beta version through third party apps which allows them to get the update. However this is still little grey area due to lack of security updates that come along the original beta version.

Can I get it quicker?

If you are interested in getting the beta version, the good people at recommend that you visit your Play Store and sign up for the beta program there.

However there is on caveat. Those that running 2.3.4 android or higher will be able to get the higher versions of the OS will be able to get the beta version. Alternatively if you want it quick, you can visit where it is currently available to those curious to use.

A word of caution for third party app users:

For those that will be going for the third party apps, it is advised that they should look into creating backup of all their chat messages before they do anything. The reason is quite simple. Third party apps can be unpredictable. They can go bad and you can easily lose all your chats since you will be deleting it and then reinstalling the app all over again to see whether the video calling works or not.

How do you make a video call?

Basically the video call feature of Whatsapp is quite similar to Viber. You will be opening your chat with any person you want to talk to and select the video call option compared to the usual audio call option.

If the other person also has the beta version, the will get a prompt from Whatsapp to receive your video call and voila, you will be in a video call.

Along with video call option, you will also be able to send videos to your contacts. The process is pretty much similar to audio recordings. However now instead of recording an audio, you will be able to record a video and share it with anyone you want to.

To do it, simply open your chat, click on the attachment button ( the one that looks like a paper clip); attach the video you want to share. Once it’s attached, Whatsapp will prompt you to add a caption before taking you to the contacts section where you can choose the person you want to share the video with and press send button.

While many still don’t have the video calling feature for now, experts had speculated that it would be quite similar to what many of the rivals of the app do. If you are not able to get the update or the beta version, you can see how Viber makes calls as the feature would be quite similar to it.

Compared to its competition, Whatsapp is the only one that doesn’t has its own video calling feature. Here’s a table that showcases that:

Messaging App Video Calling Feature
Whatsapp No
Facebook Messenger Yes
Google Duo Yes
Viber Yes
Skype for Android Yes

In Viber, a person that wants to make a video call has to first make a voice call. Once successful, they can tap the video call button to switch their call into a video one. It will start as soon as the corresponding person activates or accepts the calls.

Video calling for Whatsapp was long expected. With Facebook acquiring Whatsapp, many believe that this is one of the many things expected from Whatsapp. Once the beta testing clears and the feature truly become stable,  Whatsapp will be set to take down Google Duo, the latest in app messenger that many believe is the true rival of both Facebook Messenger and Whatsapp.

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