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List of companies in Bharat 22 ETF

After the success of CPSE – ETF, again Finance Minister Mr. Arun Jaitley has launched a new ETF. On Friday, 4th of August 2017, the FM has declared about the new Exchange Traded Fund namely Bharat 22. This will consist of 22 blue chip companies. According to the FM this will be another success story in the field of stock exchange where investors will be able to earn 15% more profit than others.

What is ETF?

Exchange Traded Fund aka ETF is a set of shares that come in a single portfolio. Many of the investors confuse ETF with Mutual Funds. However they are not similar. Unlike mutual fund the liquidity in ETF is more in ETF. On the other ETF is being traded in a day.

Unlike mutual funds ETF does not calculate NAV (Net Asset Value) by the end of the day. Under ETF investors do not get the direct ownership of the companies listed. They own the shares of stock indirectly as the assets in ETF are underlying assets.

Bharat 22 – ETF: Sectors and Companies

  • Total of 6 sectors will be covered under Bharat 22 ETF. Along with FMCG, Finance, Industrial there is Energy, basic materials and utility sectors are added to the Bharat 22.
  • There are 22 companies listed under this new ETF. IOCL, SBI, Axis Bank, Coal India, NTPC, ONGC, ITC, Power Grid and NALCO are the most prominent companies under this new ETF by Arun Jaitley.
  • Also there will SUUTI, PSU banks and some other government organisations be added to the list. 15% of the total percentage will be shared by SUUTI.

Percentage of companies under Bharat 22

  • Among the above mentioned companies ITC, SBI, Power Grid and Axis will have comparatively more weight than others. ITC, among all will have the highest weight of 15.2% while SBI will have 8.6% and power Grid and Axis will have 7.9% and 7.7% respectively.
  • Other companies such as NTPC and ONGC will have weights of 6.7% and 5.3% respectively. The other companies like BPCL, IOCL and NALCO will have 4.4% weights each in this new ETF Bharat 22. Coal India will have 3.3% share in the Bharat 22.

Bharat 22 – ETF: What to expect?

Earlier in 2014, the government has launched CPSE-ETF (Central Public Sector Enterprises – ETF). It consisted of 10 companies. CPSE has managed to gather unexpected funds for the government by disinvestment of worth Rs. 6000 Cr.

As of now the government has successfully managed to raise Rs. 9300 Cr through disinvestment in this financial year 2017-18. They have set a target of Rs. 72, 000 Cr which they expect to meet through Bharat 22.  

List of Companies In Bharat 22 ETF

Sn Companies Name Percent Weight
1 ITC  Limited 15.2%
2 State Bank Of India 8.6%
3 Power Grid 7.9%
4 Axis Bank 7.7%
5 NTCP 6.7%
6 ONGC 5.3%
7 Indian Oil Corp          4.4%
8 Bharat Petroliam 4.4%
9 NALCO 4.4%
10 Coal India 3.3%
11 Bharat Electronic 3.3%
12 Engineers India Limited 1.5%
13 Bank Of Barora 1.4%
14 Ruler Electrician Corp 1.3%
15 NHPC  1.2%
16 Power Finance Corp 1%
17 NBCC 0.6%
18 NLC India Limited 0.3%
19 Indian Bank 0.2%
20 SJVN 0.2%


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