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Link Aadhaar with people who are visiting Haj

As the central government is keen to link Aadhaar with every single thing, the state governments are not so behind in it too. Recently in Uttar Pradesh, the state ministry of minority has said that people, who are visiting Haj, will have to link their Aadhaar with the application. This decision was taken and declared by the Minister of Minority, UP, Mohsin Raza. According to him this decision is taken to identify the real pilgrims who are genuinely visiting Haj.

Link Aadhaar with people who are visiting Haj

Need for Aadhaar Linking

  • The decision was taken mainly to identify real pilgrims who want to go to Haj but don’t have means to do so. On the other with the decision government will get to know for how many times a person is visiting Haj.
  • The ministry of minority also stated that this move will make the application process more transparent as from now onwards authorities will get to know more about the pilgrims visiting Haj.
  • Haj applicants are granted subsidies from the state government. However not everyone needs the subsidy. Mohsin Raza has appealed to the rich Muslims, asking them to surrender their subsidy. So that needy people can use the subsidy.
  • The amount of subsidy was increased off late by Rs. 8000. Currently a pilgrim is getting Rs. 29, 000/- for his Haj visit. The amount is necessary for all of them who are unable to bear the cost of Haj journey. So the ministry of minority has asked rich Muslims to surrender their subsidy.

Date of implementation

The date is not finalised yet. According to the state government the process will be starting soon.

Haj App and Application

Haj Committee of India recently launched a Haj App for the easy application of the pilgrims across the nation. This is one of the major steps towards Digital India. The App is available on Google Play Store that is on Android. There are few easy steps to download and apply for the Haj.

How To  Download and Use Hajj App

  • Step 1: Open Google Play Store on your Smartphone and search for ‘Haj Committee of India’ or you can directly click on the link to find the app on Google Play Store.
  • Step 2: Download the app on your device and follow the instructions for further installation procedure. Once the installation is done, register with the app like other apps.
  • Step 3: If you are a new user, add your details like name, mobile number, email ID, address and other contact details such as state, district and city to register. Then proceed with the verification.
  • Step 4: Once you agreed to terms and conditions, a onetime password (OTP) will be generated and sent to your given mobile number. Enter the OTP on the given space and register your ID successfully.
  • Step 5: login to your account again after verification with the ID and Password and proceed with the application. Select your category and enter the number of pilgrims. Maximum 5 adults and 2 infants are allowed on Haj.
  • Step 6: There will be few accommodation mentioned in the app such as Azizya – Ras and Green – Ras. Select the preferred accommodation for you and your family and go next.
  • Step 7: Enter your personal details like name, passport number, and mobile number, date of birth, Gender, date of issue, expiry date and such and go next.
  • Step 8: Finally after verifying all the details click on the “final submit” button. After finally submitting your application you won’t be able to modify that. There will be few more steps to follow. It will be shown on your screen. According to category and accommodation one needs to add extra information.

According to the ministry of minority in UP, aadhaar will be linked with Haj application soon. It is expecting that soon the Haj Android App will have the option to link Aadhaar number.

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