Sep 102015

J&K to Benefit from State-Sponsored Ladli Beti Scheme Yojana

Good news looms on the horizon of India’s troubled state Jammu & Kashmir. Keeping in mind the low sex ratio among children, the government of the state approved a scheme for social assistance targeted towards the female children of J&K. The approval for this scheme known as Ladli Beti came on Monday. Sweetening the deal, the government announced that the scheme will be sponsored by the state. As a pilot batch, the scheme will go live in just 6 districts.

Ladli Beti Scheme Yojana J and K

An official spokesperson was caught saying, “Chaired by Mufti Mohammed Sayeed, the CM of J&K, the state Cabinet met together and approved Ladli Beti.”

“Currently six districts have been selected for its implementation, which include Anantnag, Pulwama, Budgam, Kathua, Samba and Jammu,” the official said. “These states have been selected because they not only have low sex ratio among children but also because, the ratio is on a declining trajectory,” he added.

According to the official, Ladli Beti is everything about reversing the trajectory and ensuring that people give up the idea that a girl child is a trouble to deal with. Under this scheme, according to the spokesperson, financial security will be provided to girl children and all concerns regarding their safety and rights, right from their birth till the time they become adult will be addressed under this new scheme.

The spokesperson went on explaining, “Only those girl children will be covered under this scheme whose family incomes from all sources combined is below ₹70,000 in a year.”

While speaking on the Ladli Beti scheme, the spokesperson also shed some information on the J-K Skill and Entrepreneurship Development Mission. According to him, the concept has been approved by government and that CM Mufti Sayeed will be spearheading the whole mission which includes both implementation and supervision.

“The J-K Skill and Entrepreneurship Development Mission will make changes to the landscape of skills development in J&K,” the spokesperson said. “This new mission will get rid of cross cutting and multi-sector approach taken by different departments of the government and will focus on an integrated approach that will help in sustained skills development by reinvigorating, boosting and energizing the untapped skill resources”, he added. According to the spokesperson, special administrative institutions will be created for implementing the new approach of developing skills throughout the state.

The spokesperson also disclosed that the Department of Planning and Development has been instructed by Cabinet to provide a proper memorandum targeting skills development in the state during the next scheduled meeting of the Cabinet.

“For the purpose of creating Controlled/Cold Atmosphere Stores and related infrastructure under PPP mode (i.e. Public Private Partnership) in Srinagar’s Parimpora, the cabinet has decided to lease out about an acre of land, which to be precise is 07 Kanals 07 marlas, to the New Kashmir Fruit Association at Fruit and Vegetable Market,” the spokesperson said. “A MoU will be signed between the lessee and the lessor, which will spell out the modalities of the proposed project mutually agreed by the two parties,” he added. The spokesperson made it clear that the MoU will be an additional arrangement apart from the usual lease dead.

“Pahalgam 2032, which is Pahalgam’s revised master plan has also been approved by Cabinet. The refreshed master plan takes account of sensitive environment and ecology of the area,” said the spokesperson. He added, “The plan also takes account to two important aspects of Pahalgam – development and tourism.”

The spokesperson also clarified that provisions for managing solid waste, water supply and sewage disposal have been proposed for inclusion in the master plan for whole of Pahalgam Development Authority’s local area including village settlements that are already in place.

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  2. Sir i want to know that if a child born in the scheme implemented area but father of her belonging to some other place can avail the benefits of the scheme or can fill the application form as mother of child is belonging to the district where the ladli beti scheme is implemented?
    plz reply me..

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