Kushal Yuva Program Bihar


Kushal Yuva Program Bihar

There are many in the State of Bihar who are not well educated and are unemployed. This is further leading to poverty and becoming a hurdle in the development of the State. The government of Bihar is making a lot of efforts in trying to improve the condition of the State and its people. A lot of scheme and programs are being launched in order to develop the State and also to generate employment in the State. As a part of this effort the KushalYuva Program has been launched as well.

Kushal Yuva Program Bihar

Name of the program KushalYuva Program
Launched by Bihar Government and Bihar Skill Development Mission
Objective of the program Provide skill training to the youth of the State
Target group Students and unemployed youth of the State
Implemented through Bihar State only

The state government of Bihar launched this Kushal Yuva Program of youths in addition to the existing Student Credit Card and Swayam Sahayata Yojana for the development of the unemployed Bihari youths. The kushal yuva program focuses mainly on developing skills.

There are many in the State of Bihar who do not get opportunities for studying further or are not found eligible for many jobs. Keeping this in mind the Kushal Yuva Program has been launched. Under this program the government of Bihar would organize training programs that would enhance the soft skills of the students and youth.

Objective of the scheme

This program comes as a part of the ‘7 commitments’ initiative taken by the Bihar government with an aim of developing the State. With the help of the Kushal Yuva Program the government of Bihar wants to help the youth of the State in gaining the required skills and enhance their respective job opportunities. Certain specific goals have been identified by this scheme, which has to be met-

  • As per the regulation quoted under this Kushal Yuva Program, Bihar state must have at least one Skill Development center in all marked 534 blocks, on account of promoting the skill development program among youths. Each center would be allocated with proper trainer who will carry the skill development process.
  • Awareness has to be generated in order to encourage people in joining the training programs and get trained for soft skills.
  • The youth has to mad aware of the importance of soft skill training and its usefulness in getting better job opportunities.

Features of the scheme

  • The target of the program would be the youth of Bihar ideally between the age group of 15 to 25 years and those who have passed class 10 or 12 exams. Those who have left their studies after class 10 or 12 would also be targeted under this program.
  • The soft skill training under this scheme would include communication kill training, life skill training, basic computer training, etc. The total course would be for a period of 240 hours. The training would be aimed at making the youth capable for different jobs.
  • The training would preferably be conducted in the e-learning mode. This would be convenient for students as well as trainers.
  • The trainers will also be trained for becoming proper trainers. This training would make sure that the trainer is sufficiently qualified and capable of training the youth. All the trainers have to go through this special training before they can become trainers under this program.
  • There will also be an integrated online assessment and certification process that will take place in order to certify each of the trainees.
Special Courses Under this Scheme Details
KYP Course 1 English and Hindi Communication Skills (80 hrs)
KYP Course 2 IT Literacy Skills (120 hrs)
KYP Course 3 Soft Skills and Life Skills for Workplace Readiness (40 hrs)

How to apply for the program

In order to apply for the program the person needs to visit the District registration cum counseling centers (DRCC) which has been setup in the various districts if the State. The registration process will take place there. After which the names of the eligible candidates will be sent to BSDM for further verification. Candidates can also apply online for this program. One needs to visit http://7nischay-yuvaupmission.bihar.gov.in”.

Details for the Applicant Organization

Those who want to set up a training organization under this program can do so by applying as an Applicant Organization. The web portal of the scheme has all the details about application.

The Applicant Organization can apply online or offline for this scheme. As a processing fee the applicant needs to deposit Rs.500. after this the applicant needs to pay Rs.3000 as a center registration fee, and then Rs.1000 as a course affiliation fee. Once the Applicant Organization has been selected and certified as Skill Development Center under this program then no money will be refunded if the organization wants to withdraw the application. The Applicant Organization will be allowed to only run the courses that have been recognized by the program. It has also been announced that the Bihar Skill Development Mission would have the full power of selecting or rejecting an Applicant Organization.

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