Nov 222015

Krishi Sanjeevani Yojana Amnesty scheme for drought hit farmers 

Everyone knows that farmers are the ultimate people which are being suffered since decades because of various reasons. To get good yield of the crop, farmer needs good irrigation facility and there comes the importance of electricity. Krishi Sanjeevani Yojana is a scheme launched by Maharashtra government to help farmers in this issue.

Krishi Sanjeevani Yojana

This scheme is aimed at improving electricity dues from agriculturists. It simply waives off 50% of their arrears only if the remaining 50% is paid. This helps the agriculturists to get rid of their burden and also benefits the state government. Also, the interest rates on the arrears will be written off by the electricity board. This helps both the farmers and also the electricity board which is suffering from heavy losses because of more arrears.

Indian monsoons are highly unpredictable. Even though the world is moving towards latest technology, Indian farmers are still suffering from proper irrigation facilities. In India, more than half of the crops are rain-fed and the rest 30 to 40 percent crops are irrigated. This clearly shows that our farmers are more dependent on rains.

Because of unseasonal rains, farmers are unable to get good yield and this made them to get into debt trap. Also, they couldn’t pay their electricity bills and this made the electricity board to get into losses. This is the main reason for Maharashtra’s Krishi Sanjeevani Yojana.

As there is a deficit in monsoon rains this year, farmers are requesting the state government to extend the scheme. This made Maharashtra state government to extend the scheme till March 2016. The data shows that 80% of the agricultural consumers have arrears in their electricity bills. They couldn’t pay them because of crop loss due to unseasonal rains and droughts.

These arrears constitute around Rs.6,140 crores out of which government is ready to pay Rs. 3,070 crores (50% of total arrears). Around 6.67 lakh farmers have availed this scheme till March 2015. Those who couldn’t pay 50% of their arrears have to pay the bills in full along with penalty and interest.  As the government has decided to extend the deadline, this is the best chance for the farmers to get rid of their arrears. This makes the farmers to get free from their debts at least to some extent.

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