Nov 042015

Kishori Suraksha Yojana: Improved Hygiene for School Going Girls

Hygiene is equally important for boys and girls. If your children are school going, you need to make sure they are clean. It is extremely important for school going girls to know the significance of keeping themselves clean while they are on periods. Menstruation is a natural phenomenon. But, usually in some societies, this natural process is stigmatized. Girls shy away while talking about it. Proper menstrual awareness education is not given even in schools. If we talk about India, many girls feel so uncomfortable during their cycle that they stop going to school altogether. This way they miss their lesson.

Kishori Suraksha Yojana

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There are some parts in the world where menstruation is considered a taboo. In Sub-Saharan Africa and many other parts of the world, the school going girls can miss their schools up to 5 days. The girls can even leave their studies entirely. This is allowed because of the poor hygiene conditions, insufficient water, and lack of separate toilets.

To improve hygienic conditions in India, the Chief Secretary of Uttar Pradesh has launched a scheme known as Kishori Suraksha Yojana. School going girls will be facilitated under this scheme. The Chief Secretary issued special orders to District Magistrate. The DM is now supposed to distribute sanitary napkins to different schools. These sanitary napkins will be given to the girls from six to eight grades.

This action by the CS is definitely going make things better for school going girls. According to a survey, more than 40% of the girls stop going to school during their periods. This is happening because the society has stigmatized a natural process as menstruation. Common people have certain myths about relation between menses and mental, hormonal and physical changes in the body. The girls should go to the school so they can be properly guided. A proper education program about sanitation and hygiene must be conducted at every school.

The CS further told the authorities to make sure the girls use either clean clothes or sanitary napkins to stay healthy. The school authorities are now making sure to get sanitary napkins for six graders to eight graders girls. In addition to distribution of sanitary pads, special Menstrual Hygiene Workshops are going to be held in different areas for teachers and concerned staff. This is to ensure the teachers and other concerned staff knows how to train and properly educate the girls about menstruation.

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