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Jio launches brand new 4G phones at Rs. 1000 (999) with Unlimited Free voice Calls

We have been using Reliance Jio 4G services on our smartphones. But those of us who didn’t have 4G phones were being deprived of this new benefit. However this issue was supposed to be only temporary.

As promised, Reliance has come up with its new Lyf smartphone series. This phone will have 4G connection and it will be well within the budget of the average Indian. In its attempt to attract billions of customers, Reliance is now making the prices very cheap. The starting price for a 4G enabled phone would be anywhere around Rs 999.

Jio launches brand new 4G phones at Rs. 1000 with Unlimited Free voice Calls

What’s more? It is not just going to come in cheap prices but is also going to come bundled with features such as video calling, voice calling, etc all of which will be unlimited. Yes, just like the previous plan, this plan too is going to be out there soon. So you can imagine that there is going to be a big wave of crowd looking at the phones already.

Things to know about brand Jio

Jio, the company that launched its scheme in September 2016 and shook the whole Telecom industry is now a popular network. But do we really know the brand? Let us learn a few things about the brand itself first.

You can say that Jio is the brainchild of Reliance that wants to penetrate into the deeper and most remote parts of the nation. Here are a few key facts you should know about it before purchasing its brand launch Lyf mobile –

  • Jio is the only Telecom Company in the country that allows you to make VOLTE calls. Since its launch on September 5th 2016, it has added over 25 million users.
  • It is estimated that with the launch of its new phones and over the next few months it will have over 100 million subscribers. It is the fastest growing Telecom Company in the country, since it had so many subscribers within such a short frame of time.
  • For doing all this, tapping into the feature phone market is very important. This is why Reliance is now launching the Lyf phone which will be affordable even for the poor.
  • You can apply for Jio tower and earn rs 40 thousand per month.
  • You can now apply for cheap Jio Broadband Preview offer.

Lyf phones will be priced at Rs. 1000 (999)

Even though the company hasn’t itself announced anything, the basic price will be well within Rs. 1000 to Rs. 1500.

With this phone, Jio will provide the VOLTE calling and data features even to the rural population. Since its competitor Airtel already has 260 million subscribers all over the country, Reliance Jio aims to beat them by providing cheaper smartphones along with free services.

This is why within Rs. 1000 the users will not just get a new phone but also the free services that are being provided to the Jio SIM users at present. All these smartphone will come with some free period of unlimted voice calls.

This 4G Smartphone will be named Lyf Easy

According to insider reports and TeleAnalysis, the new brand will be called ‘Lyf Easy’. We already know that reliance will brand the phones ‘Lyf’. The phones which are supposed to come out in series under this brand are thought to be named as ‘Easy Lyf’ or most probably ‘Lyf Easy’.

When will it be launched?

The phone is thought to be launched on January 2017. According to insider reports the phone will be launched within the first quarter of 2017 that is within January to March 2017 itself.

The phones that will be launched will not just allow you to use free internet over 4G network but will also allow you to send free text messages. The users who use expensive 4G phones will be able to use this phone for the same.

Will they be of good quality?

Regarding quality, the users are the best judge.  We can only give you some key facts about the phone that will help you judge the quality of the phones –

  • Reliance Jio has joined hands with domestic cell phone handset maker Lava International to roll out their Lyf phones. They are also using Chinese original equipment to make the phones.
  • Jio is said to be subsuming the prices so that these can be made available in Rs. 1000 (roughly $15). The original price of making the phone is about $25 which is then sold for Rs. 2500 in the market.
  • The first batch of the phone will be sold through select retailers across the country. They will be sold via both Jio and Lava to reach a wider market – so that the target demographic is able to access it.

Lava collaboration and future of 4G in India

The chairman of Lava International said that they are looking for a partner in their collaboration with Jio. This new step has been taken to strengthen the country’s Telecom network and to empower rural people to access digital services. He specifically mentioned that they are looking at new ways to market this phone. However, any comments about their tie up with Jio for this new phone manufacture were declined.

It is said that china’s Transsion is another Company that will be rolling out similar phones in India by April.

List of reliance Jio 4g handsets with Price (Updated on 26th March)

Following is the list of those phones with some basic features and their best prices in Indian phone market as well as online shopping stores:

Sl. No. Handset Model Price Camera RAM Battery(in mAH)
1 Lyf Flame 3 Rs. 2,999 5 MP Rear+2 MP Front 512 MB 1700
2 Lyf Flame 5 Rs. 3,490 5 MP Rear+2 MP Front 512 MB 1650
3 Lyf Flame 7 Rs. 3,499 5 MP Rear+2 MP Front 1 GB 1800
4 Lyf Flame 7S Rs. 3,499 5 MP Rear+ 0.3 MP Front 1 GB 1800
5 Lyf Flame 1 Rs. 4,199 5 MP Rear+5 MP Front 1 GB 2,000
6 Lyf Flame 4 Rs. 2,999 2 MP Rear+ 0.3 MP Front 512 MB 1,400
7 Lyf F8 Rs. 4,699 8 MP Rear+5 MP Front 1 GB 2,000
8 Lyf Flame 8 Rs. 4,199 8 MP Rear+5 MP Front 1 GB 2,000
9 Lyf Flame 2 Rs. 3,500 5 MP Rear+2 MP Front 1 GB 1,000
10 Lyf Flame 6 Rs. 2,999 2 MP Rear+2 MP Front 512 MB 1,750
11 Lyf Wind 7S Rs. 5,699 8 MP Rear+5 MP Front 2 GB 2,250
12 Lyf Wind 7 Rs. 5,699 8 MP Rear+5 MP Front 2 GB 2,250
13 Lyf Wind 6 Rs. 4,999 5 MP Rear+5 MP Front 1 GB 2,250
14 Lyf Wind 5 Rs. 5,599 8 MP Rear+5 MP Front 1 GB 2,000
15 Lyf Wind 4S Rs. 6,399 8 MP Rear+5 MP Front 2 GB 4,000
16 Lyf Wind 4 Rs. 6,799 8 MP Rear+2 MP Front 1 GB 4,000
17 Lyf Wind 3 Rs. 5,999 8 MP Rear+2 MP Front 2 GB 2,920
18 Lyf Wind 2 Rs. 8,299 8 MP Rear+2 MP Front 2 GB 2,850
19 Lyf Wind 1 Rs. 6,899 8 MP Rear+5 MP Front 1 GB 2,300
20 Lyf F1 Rs. 9,190 13 MP Rear+5 MP Front 2 GB 2,400
21 Lyf Water 11 Rs. 7,099 13 MP Rear+5 MP Front 3 GB 2,100
22 Lyf Water 10 Rs. 6,475 13 MP Rear+5 MP Front 3 GB 2,300
23 Lyf Water 9 Rs. 7,499 13 MP Rear+5 MP Front 2 GB 2,800
24 Lyf Water 8 Rs. 8,099 13 MP Rear+5 MP Front 3 GB 2,600
25 Lyf Water 7 Rs. 9,599 13 MP Rear+5 MP Front 2 GB 3,000
26 Lyf Water 6 Rs. 8,999 13 MP Rear+5 MP Front 2 GB 2,920
27 Lyf Water 5 Rs. 7,599 13 MP Rear+5 MP Front 2 GB 2,920
28 Lyf Water 4 Rs. 7,990 13 MP Rear+5 MP Front 2 GB 2,920
29 Lyf Water 3 Rs. 6,599 13 MP Rear+5 MP Front 2 GB 3,000
30 Lyf Water 2 Rs. 9,699 13 MP Rear+5 MP Front 2 GB 2,400
31 Lyf Water 1 Rs. 6,599 13 MP Rear+5 MP Front 2 GB 2,600
32 Lyf Earth 1 Rs. 11,499 13 MP Rear+5 MP Front 3 GB 3,500
33 Lyf Earth 2 Rs. 17,000 13 MP Rear+13 MP Front 3 GB 2,500

A tabular review

Serial No. VoLTE phones features VoLTE Services
1 Front facing and rear camera Jio Chat
2 Speadtrum Live TV
3 Android OS Digital wallet
4 Touchscreen Video on Demand

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