Jaitley to launch first agri-commodity options in guar seed for farmers


Jaitley to launch first agri-commodity options in guar seed for farmers

The Union Finance Minister of the country Mr. Arun jaitley, has announced to launch the first of its kind Agri-commodity within the country. The new agri-commodity is termed as the Guar Seed.According to the statements made by Mr. Jaitley, the Agri-commodity options launched recently will be approved by the SEBI (Security Board of India).

Jaitley to launch first agri-commodity options in guar seed

1 Scheme Name First Agri-commodity option in guar seed for farmers
2 Announced By Mr. Arun jaitley
3 Implementation Date 14th January 2018
4 Designed And Developed By NCDEX (National Commodity and Derivatives Exchange)
5 Approved By Security Board of India

Key Features For The Scheme

  • The NCDEX to make the facility very fair and for process of authentication has also ensured that the options tools will be approved and listed by SEBI.
  • This facility will ensure that the agri-commodity option performs best win the benefit of the country farmers. Just like trading any other goods or commodities the farmers can expect their produce prices to go much higher thus offering benefit to the farmer completely.
  • The new options trading will also ensure that the farmers in the country do not have to face too much of risk factors for the crop and produce price.
  • The Finance Minister has already made it very clear that Guar seed is definitely one of its type developed tools for guar seed commodity option. With the introduction of the new tools it is also expected that the farmers of the country will get full benefit.
  • The finance minister had also made it very clear that the new tool will be launched in the presence of FPO (farmer Produce Organization) and other Farmers. The government has planned to launch the new commodity tool in the Capital City New Delhi.


On the occasion of festival Makar Sankranti, the government of the country has announced to gift the countries farmers with this unique guar seed agri commodity tool.


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