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How to download DND Service mobile app

Getting unnecessary and disturbing calls on your mobile phone is something that you can’t avoid. Many telecommunication providers have introduced several services through which you can block or avoid such calls. This Do Not Disturb aka DND service is in fame since 2011 by several providers. Last Wednesday, on 1st of June 2016, TRAI, Telecom Regulatory Authority of India has launched the DND service mobile app to save you from these unnecessary telemarketing calls.

DND Service Mobile app

What is DND Service?

DND aka Do Not Disturb is a service that is made for those calls and text messages which are unnecessary and disturbing. By activating DND services, the telecom provider will block the numbers from which you are getting such calls or messages.

Different service providers have different DND service activation numbers. You can activate this service by sending a message or by calling the providers directly. They have a monthly charge for this service.

How to Download DND Services Mobile app (Android)

  • Click on Play store on your android mobile
  • Search for “DND Service” or click on this link
  • Please select the App and click install

DND service Mobile App by TRAI

Since 2011 users can register complaints against unsolicited calls and messages through the number 1909 under TRAI for all telecom providers. Now after 5 years TRAI has launched a DND service mobile app for the Android users. The app is available in Google Play Store and Mobile Seva App Stores.

The features of DND mobile app by TRAI

  • The main feature of this app is to block the numbers from which you are getting unnecessary marketing calls.
  • The users must register their phone number with the app and then they can use the features.
  • Also with this app the user can directly lodge complaint against the disturbing calls and messages.
  • If the user wants he / she can open the app at anytime and check the status of the complaint they have lodged.
  • The app allows a user to select the specific fields that the user wants to block. The different fields like Banks, education, credit card, financial institutions, consumer goods, health and so on can be blocked individually.
  • The users will get a virtual key through which they can lodge a complaint against the sector or a specific number.
  • Once the complaint is being lodged the app will automatically send the information to the service provider the user is using and they will do the rest.
  • Generally to block or stop any calls and messages the app does not need internet connection but there are some features like lodging complaints and such need internet connection to access them.
  • The app does not require much user attention. Once you have lodged a complaint or activated DND the rest will be taken care by the app itself and the service provider.

DND service App – what to expect

  • The DND service has initiated in 2011 for the first time. But unfortunately that didn’t make any difference to the users as people did not get much help from it. In recent past, many app has launched that block your unnecessary calls and also help you to find the caller’s details as well.
  • The sms service by TRAI for DND activation also got drained as users did not use it much. But with the introduction of this app TRAI authorities are hopeful that more people will download it and use it unlike before.
  • The only thing that restricts the users is the app is only available in Android platform. So for the Windows or iPhone users, the app is still a dream. As TRAI said that they will soon launch the iOS app as well for the iPhone users. But it is not clearly said when they will do that.
  • The DND Mobile App has ‘help’ and ‘FAQ’ section in the app. You can easily go there to know more about the app and its user interface. Or you can also ask your doubts there by commenting or adding your questions. The best part about the app is it is well connected to all the leading mobile service providers.
  • The app does not restrict the text messages from your bank or any important calls or messages from any banking institutions.

DND Service Mobile App – quick review

DND service mobile app Things to remember
Launched on June 2016
Available on Google play store and mobile seva app store
Activities Block calls/sms, lodge complaints, check status of your complaint
Registration With your mobile number
Connected to All the mobile service providers

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