Happy New Year Offer from Reliance Jio (Free Voice and Data till 31st March 2017)


Happy New Year Offer from Reliance Jio (Free Voice and Data till 31st March 2017)

The 2016 was an eventful year for many remarkable incidents. Except for demonetization the Reliance Jio is in the second position that created much buzz in all the new rooms for quite a long time. Jio at the first place introduced free voice call, data packs and text messages in the mid of the year and called it Preview Offer. When the Jio plan officially launched in India it came out as Welcome Offer for the users. The offer is still running and the validity of the offer will be ending on 31st of December 2016.

The offer provides unlimited free voice calls, data usage and free text messages. The Welcome Offer which was supposed to end on the last day of the year seems to bounce back again on 1st of January 2017 as Happy New Year Offer.

Happy New Year Offer from Reliance Jio (Free Voice and Data till 31st March 2017)

The Happy New year Offer

  • The offer contains same benefits as the Welcome Offer had. Happy New Year offer is not only for the new users but the existing users will get the benefits as well.
  • The benefits include unlimited voice calls, data usage, apps, text messages and other My Jio App facilities like before. These free services will be available for free of cost till 31st March 2017.

The new apps and benefits

  • Along with old benefits Jio will provide many more new apps that will help one to access cashless purchase easily and other facilities.
  • First of all Jio will introduce Mobile Number portability platform. In which the user does not need to change their number. The user can continue with the same number under Reliance connection.
  • There will be Money Merchant App that will soon release in Jio. This will be similar to e-wallet through which one can pay the money to retail shopkeepers, small traders and such. It will directly connect to the bank account of the user.
  • Jio has the target of 10,000 shopkeepers in nearly 17000 towns and over 4 Lac villages across India. All these small traders and shopkeepers will be able to take payment through the Jio Money Merchant App.
  • Jio Sim is now available at doorways. Users can get the Jio Sim card at their doorstep by applying for it. The sim will be delivered and will be activated within few minutes. Before activation the user has to provide e-KYC. Once the KYC is accepted the sim will be activated.

The Feedback of Welcome Offer

  • According to the Chairman of Jio Mr. Mukesh Ambani Jio is growing so fast that it leaves Facebook and Whatsapp behind. The growth of Jio technology has grown faster than these two popular voice and video call apps in India.
  • In last few months Jio has welcomed 52 million users who are using Jio connection happily. Only 20% of the total users have faced issues. Rest of the 80% have had awesome experience with Jio.
  • The other biggies in telecommunication providers have shown tremendous unprofessionalism by blocking calls from Jio numbers. This makes some of the users unhappy as they were unable to contact their friends and family from their Jio connection.
  • Nearly 92% of the Jio towers have provided high speed connection while only 8% of the towers have complaints of network issues in certain places. Most of the customers are happy with Jio.
  • According to the announcement of Mr. Ambani the Happy New Year offer will be available from 4th December 2016. The offer will be valid till 31st March 2017.

Reliance Jio New Offer

Offer Name Happy New Year Offer
Available from 4th December 2016
Validity 31st March 2017
Benefits Free voice calls, data usage, apps, text messages
Add-ons Mobile Network Portability, Money Merchant App (e-wallet), Jio Sim home delivery

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