Dec 182017

Hakshelgi Tengbang (Manipur Health Protection Scheme)

The CM of the state Manipur has announced about a new health protection scheme namely Hakshelgi Tengbang. This new scheme will start operating from next year. Poor people and those who can’t afford expensive treatments will get benefits from this scheme, said by the CM on the announcement day in Imphal.

Hakshelgi Tengbang (Manipur Health Protection Scheme)

Launch Details

The scheme namely Hakshelgi Tengbang was announced by the Chief Minister of Manipur Shree N. Biren Singh. On the occasion of Meeyamgi Numit (The people’s Day), held in the CM’s secretariat on 15th December 2017, CM announced about the scheme in front of a bunch of media people. He has stated that the scheme will officially start implementing from 1st January 2018.

Supervised By:

The Social Welfare Department will be responsible for supervision of the scheme. The officials will look after the poor people and their conditions to proceed with the scheme implementation.

Key Features

  • Need for the scheme: The scheme is launching mainly for the poor and needy people in the state. With launching such health protection scheme the authority can provide ample health care to the people who can’t afford treatments.
  • Benefits: The beneficiaries under the scheme will get cashless benefits for their medical help. Up to Rs. 2 Lac per person will be provided under the scheme.
  • Surgery Units: Along with the Hakshelgi Tengbang Scheme a neuro surgery department will be starting off soon. Already operation theatre and infrastructure is ready to use. Nurses and few other staffs have appointed as well.

Implementation of the scheme

Private health insurance providing companies will be considered to implement the scheme. Under the scheme 5 companies have been applied for bidding process. One of them has been selected by the authority.

The selected company will then be joining hands to the head of districts or Panchayets of the villages to conduct a local survey. This survey will be done to identify real poor in the area. According to the CM it is unfortunate that many officials have tweaked with BPL cards hence undeserving people to get BPL.

So this survey will be done freshly with the help of private companies to detect real needy people who need financial assistance and medical help to survive.


This scheme is for the poor and needy people in the state. Also women, especially widows will be benefitted from the scheme. People who have BPL or AAY cards will be eligible for the scheme.

Similar Schemes:

There will be another scheme namely CMgi Sothabarasingi Tengbang for the people who are differently able. This scheme will provide employment opportunity to these people for better livelihood.


The health protection scheme, along with other schemes have been started to enhance the life of the real poor and needy people across the state. All schemes will start operating from 2018.


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