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Freedom 251 Delivery Date

Ringing Bells is a notorious company which ran into controversy after they announced to introduce the cheapest smartphone in the world. The company earlier announced that they will give the smartphones at a rate of Rs. 251 to the people who will purchase this phone. But later there was no activity on behalf of the company. There has been a turn of event lately. Now the company has made a statement that they will deliver the first set of these smartphones from June 28 to all those people who purchased the phone from the official website of Ringing Bells.

Freedom 251 Delivery Date

The director of Ringing Bells mentioned that the shipment of Freedom 251 will start from June 28 and this shipment will be given to the customers who paid for it earlier on the basis of Cash on Delivery (COD).

Ringing bells started this project of selling the cheapest smartphone in the world in February. But many people raised questions to the motive of this scheme and some said that it was a scam. 

Reason behind the accusations of People

  • The project claimed that it will offer smartphones at the cheapest rate in the world, and this claim itself was taken into custody as an impossible claim by the people.
  • No actions for 3-4 months were taken by the company after it got a huge response in February.
  • The website of the company was not working during the two-day offer and that raised questions again in the minds of the people.
  • The company didn’t reveal their exact plan and that also worked against them.

Steps taken by Ringing Bells 

Ringing Bells stated that about 7 crore people registered for this phone and 30, 000 of them paid for that.  But the company had to withdraw the product and refund the payments of the potential customers as they were asked by the government agencies. But then the company disclosed that they would deliver the phone on COD mode. 

Plan of Ringing Bells

The president of the company mentioned earlier that the manufacturing cost of the smartphone was about Rs. 2, 500. But the company came up with a plan and recovered the price through a series of works like inventive marketing, reduction of duties and creating an e-commerce marketplace for the smartphone. The company plans to make phones in India which will lead them to 13.8% savings on duties. The smartphones will be sold online which will result in further save on cost. 

Point of Views of Different Groups of People 

Below there will be a table to showcase the point of views of different groups of people.

Group of People Point of View
Ringing Bells Company The Ringing Bells company has time and again mentioned that this project is real and they will actually provide the smartphones at the cheapest rate in the world.
Most Pundits Once the project was launched, most pundits stated this project was a possible scam.
Government Agencies Earlier the government agencies forced Ringing Bells to refund the money to the customers. The agencies are still looking forward to the matter.
The Customers The registered customers are hoping that this project is real and that they will actually get the smartphones.
Freedom 251 Delivery Date 28th June 2016 Onwards

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