Apr 092018

Free Smart Phones Scheme for Women in Farmers in Odisha

The state government of Odisha has notified that it shall be distributing smart phones amongst the Women farmers in the state. The new policy was introduced by the state government for implementation within the state for the convenience of collecting information related to agricultural department for the women farmers.

Free Smart Phones Scheme for Women in Farmers in Odisha

Launched Date and Launched By

The new scheme has been announced for implementation by the Cooperation Minister Surya Narayan. As per the statements made the scheme is set for implementation for the women farmers in the state for 2018 Kharif season.

Key features

  • Under the new scheme it is obvious that the state government will be distributing the smart phones for women farmers state wide. In an earlier attempt the state government had also been distributing the smart phones to the male farmers of the state.
  • Under the new implementation the state government will try and provide with information related to the guidelines and tips given away by the agricultural department.
  • The state government has also made it clear that the women farmers will now be able to collect information related to crop cultivation and growing directly on the smart phones.
  • The new drive will prove helpful to the women farmers such that they will be able to improve the quality of crop cultivation in various seasons. The information will be provided by the state government regarding crop cultivation depending on the quality and texture of the soil and changing climatic conditions.
  • The state government has also stated that the new smart phones will prove helpful for women farmers in collecting weather changes and conditions well ahead of time. Apart from this, the beneficiaries will also be able to gather all information related to government welfare schemes and crop loan information directly on the smart phones.
  • Any beneficiary who wants to avail the benefit of smart phone will be able to book the phone directly online. The state government and cooperation department will also be launching the web portal services for the women farmers for making the booking of smart phones.
  • The state government department has also announced that it shall be implementing the scheme in phases under which over 70 percent of women farmers will be covered in the first phase itself. The directives were given away by the CM of the state.

To make the implementation of the scheme more successful, the state government has also announced to sanction the amount of Rs 7600 crore for the upcoming Kharif season. The notifications have also been sent to each of the women farmer in the state about the launch of the new scheme via advertisements.


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  1. dear sir,
    i am hope to you to distribute the smart phone
    vivek muni

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