Free Reliance Jio D2H and Broadband (Welcome Offer) Soon


Free Reliance Jio D2H and Broadband (Welcome Offer) Soon

Reliance Jio – the name that has become synonymous with fast 4G services across the country is now going to dip its toes into the DTH market as well. Already reliance Jio has put many Telecom companies in a dilemma. Now they have eyed the broadband and Direct-To-Home services of the country as well. Will they be providing the services in a similar fashion? Let’s see!

DTH and broadband Services

Let us learn a few things about this new launch:

  • No set time has been specified for the launch as of now. However, one hears that they are going to launch this service in the middle of 2017.
  • At present Jio is working on providing broadband services that give you internet up to 1GBPS speed. It is also working on HD channels given to you by Set top box fixation.
  • Reliance Jio has been doing the work to lay fiber optic cables across the country for a major part of the decade. The company will now all set to offer Fiber To The Home (FTTH) to all homes in the country.
  • It has also started a limited program to households in Delhi and Mumbai. Mukesh Ambani had announced that this service will soon be launched across all households.
  • Jio is also planning to provide live streaming services with Jio TV, along with all the services that Jio already provides to its LTE users.
  • They are all set to provide 350 channels along with 50+ HD channels. Not just that the users can also “catch up” to their favorite shows within 7 days. The shows will be automatically recorded on the Jio servers.
  • The company showcased its product in the experience center which tells us that it will work with NVDIA Android Shield TV to make your TV a smart TV.
  • Users will also be able to use their TVs hands free and with voice commands. Just by saying “Shah Rukh Khan” they will be getting a list of the content related to SRK within the last 7 days. The users will also be able to use Smart remote.
  • They will also allow you to stream multiple channels across multiple devices. It will use the MediaShare app to do this. similarly it is aplanning to use Chromecast audio to convert your old speakers into the connected ones.

Apart from this Jio is also working on devices that can provide broadband via power lines. This way Jio will be able to easily extend internet connectivity over one’s household.

Free Reliance Jio D2H and Broadband (Welcome Offer) Soon

Pricing and Offers

Now that you know the extensive range of services that you are going to get, you might also like to know that Jio will be free for the first 6 months. Just like Jio SIM Welcome Offer they are going to provide DTH welcome offer.

Reports also suggest that once you complete the 6 months of free service, the package will have pricing as low as Rs. 185/month.

Here is a detailed list

Serial No. Data Info
1 No. of channels to be provided 360
2 No. of cities where launched 100
3 Cities with high speed fiber Delhi, Pune, Mumbai, Chennai

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