(e-utthaan.gov.in )Portal For ST SC Welfare Schemes


(e-utthaan.gov.in )Portal For ST SC Welfare Schemes

The central government has started two new web portals for the scheduled caste and scheduled tribe categories. These two portals will have all the schemes and the progress of the schemes for the SC/ST. the ministry would be able to check the implementation, allocation and the progress of the schemes allotted for the people belong to scheduled caste and scheduled tribe in the nation.

Launch Date

Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment has launched these two portals on 4th January 2018. http://e-utthaan.gov.in/Home.aspx this portal is for the schemes allocated for the people belong to SC category. The other portal is https://stcmis.gov.in/ which is for the schemes allocated for the ST category.

Features of e-Utthan and stcmic

  • The portal has launched to make the people know about the schemes started for them. Besides the full information regarding the scheme, they will also be able to know about the funds and benefits of the schemes.
  • There are total of 506 schemes for the SC and ST communities in India. Among them 233 schemes for the SC category and the rests are for the people belonging to ST category. Total of 26 departments have launched these schemes.
  • Along with the government officials and ministries of respective departments common people belonging to these two categories will be able to see the money allocated for various schemes in these portals. They will be able to see the progress and implementation as well.
  • The central government and the respective ministries will be responsible for updating the site time to time with every progress. All the details and the information must be updated with time and date in the portal by the government.
  • Total budget for the schemes (SC) is Rs. 52399.55 Cr and the budget allocated for the schemes for STs is Rs. 31919.51 Cr. All these information will be available in the portal for the common people.
  • Percentage share of SC/ST schemes in Central Sponsored Scheme is 20.20% and the percentage share of SC/ST schemes in Centrally Sector Schemes is 10.74%.

Schemes under e-Utthan

As mentioned there are 233 schemes that are launched for the welfare of SC community. The entire list of schemes will be available in the following link http://e-utthaan.gov.in/listScheme.aspx.


The portal will be a transparent way to track the development of welfare projects in the nation for the SC/ST community. Not only the ministry, but now also beneficiaries will be able to view the detailed reports of the schemes. Apart from the scheme report, department-wise reports are available in the portal as well.


  1. Scheme for Pension and Medical Aid to Artistes – For old artists and scholars
  2. Free CT Scan Service Scheme Assam
  3. Scheme for Adolescent Girls (SAG) SABLA Yojana Expansion Approved by Central Govt
  4. Nari Portal For Women Welfare Schemes 

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