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Direct Transfer of Fertilizer Subsidy

The nation was waiting for a long time and finally the awaited time arrived when the scheme of Direct Transfer of Fertilizer Subsidy benefit transfer arrived among the citizens of this particular nation. The scheme helped the farmers with the fertilizers which will be distributed across 16 districts of the nation and it will be implemented in the 1st of November.

Direct Transfer of Fertilizer Subsidy

About the scheme

The scheme is important for the farmers. The farmers residing in this particular country is liable to have better farming as the fertilizers that they will be buying to have better cultivation of their crops will be paid by the government. The process is implemented by the government of India. The amount that the farmers are investing to buy the fertilizers is paid by the government by making the payments through the accounts. The maximum retail price of the fertilizers is to be mentioned in the subsidy list. Based on the fertilizer price the government is paying back the amount to the farmers and the transaction will be based on the price fixed by the fertilizer company.

In other words it can be said that when the farmers are buying the fertilizers they are going get back the subsidized price and various subsidy component from the government. The payments are provided to farmers through the accounts.


The officials that are involved with such professions follow certain procedures and this procedure and the procedure includes the aadhaar number, Kisan credit card or voter ID. Using such identity one can easily establish their identity and thereby they could easily have the fertilizers for their cultivation and that will help an individual to have better yield.

The government has also introduced the health care for the people and the scheme is running parallel and because of such parallel introduction government could easi9ly help the government to balance the fertilizers used in the field. If the farmers are going to use the excess fertilizers then the blood tested by the people will have the impression of the fertilizers. Therefore it would allow government to understand the amount of fertilizers that is being used by the farmers.

Objectives of the scheme

The several objectives that are introduced with the schemes are listed in the points given below:

  • The scheme has helped the farmers to have better yield from the firm. This has helped the farmers to have better income.
  • This has also helped to maintain balanced market price which is helping the people to have better buy from the market and thus avoiding the hike in the market.
  • The scheme has also allowed the people to have sufficient income and thereby the equal distribution of income could easily be maintained.
  • The scheme has also allowed the farmers to use controlled amount of fertilizers and thereby the fertility of the soil could easily be maintained for a long time which is beneficial for the farmers.
  • The use of scheme has made the farmers to come up with better solutions with the yield and that becomes more efficient with the sufficient supply of fertilizers.

Application of the scheme

The scheme has been vital for reforming the condition of the farmers. The steps taken by the government has also helped the government to come up with better solutions that regards to the fertility of the soil. The government is also discouraging the excess amount of use of fertilizers in the soil. The identity of the farmers is also depicted with the use of aadhaar number and other identity cards and this identity is very essential for the tenant and the land owners.

Several states that are involved with this scheme is West Bengal, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, Haryana and Maharashtra.


The implementation of this particular scheme has helped number of farmers across the nation. With such implementation the government has allowed the people to improve their living standards and thereby the number of poor people in the country can be reduced to a considerable number. As a result it has also helped in the development of the nation. Moreover the scheme has also helped in the equal distribution of income.


Name of the scheme Direct Transfer of Fertilizer Subsidy
Introduced by Central government
Introduced in 1st of November
Benefited for the people For the farmers of the country

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