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 Click Pictures of People Calling While Driving in UP – Win Prize

To enforce the law, the Uttar Pradesh government has finally taken a bold step. Recently it has announced that whoever will film someone driving while calling, shall get a reward. Although it has been told repeatedly that calling while driving can cause accidents, people hardly listened. We often saw people seated behind the steering wheel while chatting away on their phone. This practice puts their life at risk and also risks the lives of others who are not doing the same.

Click Pictures Of People Calling While Driving In Up Win Prize

All about Clicking Pictures and Prizes

This is why to curb this habit the UP government has announced prize money for those who catch these on their smartphones. Not only will the picture shooter win a prize, but the person who has committed the blunder will also have to pay a fine. The UP Transport Minister Swatantrata Dev Singh told PTI that this step has been taken because of repeated complaints from the passengers. People have complained that despite fines and warnings, drivers continue to put their safety at risk by talking on phone. This is why they have handed over the task to the people to keep a check on those who are doing such.

The scheme is already getting a lot of response from the travelers. The department is yet to compile a list of the cases. They have not disclosed any details of the data yet, but they have assured that they can give a complete list of the data after the final stage of implementation.

How will this help?

  • This will help because the people, who are getting directly affected by this malpractice, can watch over the wrongdoers. They can bring themselves justice and ensure that it is a safer place for everyone.
  • It will also instill a fear among the drivers that they are being watched not only by the police, but also by their own people. It will instill a sense of responsibility among them.

How to send pictures?

To do this, all you have to do is click pictures and send it via WhatsApp to the concerned authorities. Although the details of this have not been announced yet, they might soon come forward with more. Till now, we know that whoever is doing this, can get charged under Motor Vehicles Act. They can get jail under this rule for six months with a Rs. 1000 bail. But this rule is hardly followed. We see numerous people always talking on phone while driving.

With this initiative, the transport minister hopes that it will help bring down the number of road accidents in the state. The state is extremely concerned because everyday due to lack of awareness of road safety, many mishaps are taking place. While the reward system will help curb the issue in the short term, for the long haul, the state government is thinking about teaching road safety norms at the school level. This will help educate the students about the ill hazards of rash driving.

Situation of transport and how it is being addressed

These concerns are not random. The state has seen several horrific incidents in the past, including the incident of 5th June when 25 passengers were charred to death in a severe road accident. In the next month ten people of a family drowned in a canal at Mathura in their car. All of these incidents point toward reckless driving some of which can be owed to lack of awareness. 

To enable safe movement from UP and Rajasthan, the government has also signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the transport authorities of Rajasthan. This will allow 199 government buses to transfer between the states. This will ease trade and commerce between the states. The transport minister also mentioned that it was highly important for the sector to make profits while enabling a safety. He enlightened the PTI on how the depots which were earlier running on losses started making profits because of the initiatives taken by the present government.

With so much done to ensure the safety of passengers, we hope that the horrific incidents will nullify in the state and that they will soon become an example for other states to follow.


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