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Chunauti Scheme 2018 in Delhi

Looking at the current scenario in educational system especially in government schools, the Delhi state government has announced a new scheme related to educational institutes in Delhi. Chunauti 2018 is the scheme under which the government is targeting to proving proper education to all the students in junior school so that all the students can pass the 10th standard by the year 2018.

The government has also said that the school dropout is quite high in Delhi compare to other states. The government schools and the institutions don’t have that much educational elements and books to provide proper education to the students, especially those who have poor brain or can’t read or write properly.

According to the scheme students from the government schools from class 6 to class 9 will be selected. There will be three main subjects on which the government is concentrating, English, Hindi and Mathematics. The students who are poor in these subjects that is can’t read or write them properly will be given proper class and books to enhance their capability of reading and writing the subjects.

Chunauti Scheme 2018 in Delhi

The scheme will be funded by the state government and also it will be implemented in the government schools only. The scheme was launched in last week of the month June but yet to implement in several schools.

How does it work?

  • There will be students who are studying in 6th standard to the students who are studying in 9th According to the scheme there will be a division of the students between the weaker students and stronger students.
  • The authority has said that the students who are unable to read and write the languages English and Hindi and also unable to solve Mathematical problems will be under the category “Nishtha” that is weaker group. On the other who can read, write and solve problems will be categorised under the category ‘Pratibha”.
  • There will be two different classes in each school where Nishtha and Pratibha students will be taught. The most dynamic and experienced teachers will be recruited for the scheme so that the weaker group can enhance their learning and reading ability.
  • Special focus will be given to the students of class 9 so that each and every student will pass the 10th standard by 2018. Vishwas, another category is made for the student of class 9 under which the two times failed and dropout students are found.

Objective of the scheme

The scheme is launched to enhance the governmental educational system in the capital state. The state government has taken a many initiatives to enhance the educational system before but nothing seems to work. This time the government has made such decision to categorise the weaker students so that they can properly take care of their education and also make sure that no student is left uneducated across the state.

Effect of the Scheme

The scheme is not launched properly yet. In recent time a leading newspaper has reported that the scheme has already started in many schools where the categorised classes have started and also books are reached too.

  • But the issue is something else. Government has set the rules and the schools started to follow them. But there is no synchronisation in the system as different schools go for different plans. Some of the schools separate the students by the sections whereas some separated by the sits in a same section.
  • This creates the confusion as neither students nor parents are able to understand what is going on in the class. Government provides a workbook for each class on each subject to every student for betterment of their learning ability. The book, namely Pragati – 1 is a tiny workbook that contains syllabus from 2nd or 3rd standard level but is available for the 6th standard students. For the NIshtha category these books are used.
  • According to some of the teachers these books have already been taught by the teachers and they are now waiting for the second part of Pragati. Also the assessments are getting delayed due to that the students as well as teachers are unable to proceed in syllabus.
  • Psychologically saying many students are still not getting why is they categorised in a different class when they are able to read and write both the languages. A student of class 6 has complained that he can read, write and also solve the maths problems still he is in the Nishtha group and he does not like it. On the other the parents are demanding to shift their children in Pratibha category.

To solve these issues the government has declared parents-teacher meetings so that the parents can understand how and why these decisions are being taken in the school.

Teachers’ Role

Teachers have already started teaching the Pragati – 1 book to the students under Nishtha category. According to some teachers many classes have already finished the syllabus along with two weeks revision and waiting for the next version.

As per a report published by a new reporter many teachers think that if students can read and write languages properly then they can solve the mathematical problems as well. So there is a need of language teaching more than maths or anything else.

For some teachers the system looks bit odd as they feel categorising students can harm them mentally. They start feeling they are weaker and they can’t be matched up with their friends in other category which is quite disturbing.

Chunauti 2018 – Quick guide

Scheme Chunauti 2018
Launched in Delhi
Launched on 30th June 2016
Launched by State government
Aim To provide proper education to all students
Beneficiaries Students from class 6 to 9 in government schools

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