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Chandranna Bima Yojana in Andhra Pradesh

The unorganized labourers of Andhra now able to enjoy the new insurance scheme named Chandranna bima Yojana which is scheduled to launch on August. Under this new insurance scheme is it estimated that around 1.5 crore unorganized labourers from small shops, state artists, agricultural workers, small level self employed personal, small scale traders and vendors are eligible to avail benefit of getting insured. It is highly expected that state chief minister Mr. Naidu will launch is insurance scheme to state people in nearby period.

Chandranna Bima Yojana

Chandranna Bima Yojana key features

  • Every labourer in the unorganized sector in Andhra Pradesh in the age group ranges from 18 to 70 years is eligible for the Chandranna Bima Yojana. They have to register as unorganized labours and enrol as beneficiaries for this insurance scheme.
  • Unorganized labours will be registered by the Unorganized Workers Society Act, 2008 and qualified for this insurance scheme.
  • Society for Elimination of Rural Poverty (SERP) shall facilitate every aspect of the registration of unorganized labours and the enrolment for this insurance scheme. This autonomous society in the Department of Rural Development in Andhra Pradesh will engage in the data entry, database maintenance and other things associated with this insurance scheme.
  • The registering authority for this new insurance scheme is Assistant Labour Officer n the Labour Department
  • Every registered unorganized worker will be enrolled as a member of Aam Admi Bima Yojana (AABY), Pradhan Mantri Suraksha Bima Yojana (PMSBY) and Chandranna Bima Yojana.

Chandranna Bima Yojana purpose/ aim

The main purpose of the Chandranna Bima Yojana is gives the maximum financial support for families of unorganized labours in case of their disability or death.  This accident death and disability insurance for unorganized labours will enhance the social security further.

Chandranna Bima Yojana benefits

Policyholders of the Chandranna Bima Yojana will get ₹ 2, 25, 000 for total disability in an accident. Nominees or heirs of these policyholders will get ₹5, 00, 000 in case of accident death of policyholders.  All these benefits from the Sate Accident Death and Disability Scheme satisfy unorganized labours and their families.

Unorganized labours who are members of AABY and PMSBY receive ₹75, 000 and ₹2, 00, 000.  They get up to ₹3, 62, 500 from this scheme, ₹2, 25, 000,  ₹1, 00, 000 and ₹3, 75, 000 from the State Accident Death and Disability scheme, PMSBY and AABY respectively  for their partial disability.

Nominee or heirs of unorganized labours will get ₹30,000 for natural death of policyholders of AABY.

Up to two children of unorganized labours get ₹1200 per year scholarship when they study 9th, 10th, intermediate or ITI.

S.No Things need to know about Chandranna Bima Yojana Details
1 What is Chandranna Bima Yojana? It is new insurance scheme announced by CM N.Chandrababu Naidu for working people who are from non-organized working sector runs in the state.
2 When will be the new insurance scheme set to launch and who was the sponsor for this insurance yojana? Andhra Chief Minister Mr. Naidu will launch this wonderful insurance scheme on upcoming 1st of august. And by knowing the practical difficulties on implementing this insurance scheme, Andhra state government has allotted Rs.132 crore.
3 Approximately how many will be benefited under this insurance scheme? As per the statement released by government official, it is estimated that around 1.5 Crore workers will be insured under this scheme. And all insured personal will receive Rs.5 Lakh in case of sudden death or permanent disability and for those insured person who get partially disabled they would receive Rs.3 Lakh from the insurance.
4 Who are the main beneficiaries under this Chandranna Bima Yojana? Unorganized Workers from agricultural  field, artists from Andhra state, small level self-employees, shop workers, small level traders & vendors and more similar people
5 Other benefits offered by Chandranna Bima Yojana for insurer’s family Apart from claim amount, insurer’s two children would be able to get the scholarships of Rs.1, 200 each year for their schoolings right from class 9th to class 12th.

Chandranna Bima Yojana eligibility

Workers in the unorganized sector within an age group of 18 to 70 years are eligible for registering Chandranna Bima Yojana insurance scheme. They have to submit the application for this insurance scheme and pay ₹ 15 or such other amount as per instructions specified by the Commissioner of Labour and get a certification as an unorganized worker.

Chandranna Bima Yojana form

A simple application form for the Chandranna Bima Yojana insurance scheme will be very helpful to every applicant. You do not have to spend more than a few minutes rather than hours to fill up this application form. This application form is downloadable at official website http://www.chandrannabima.ap.gov.in/.

Affected Area 

Andhra, one of the high alert area for receiving flood, cyclone and other natural catastrophe. Residents in many districts of Andhra Pradesh suffer from floods, droughts, storm surges, cyclones and other natural disorders these days. The middle and low class people of Andhra seek the best insurance scheme to protect their future financially.

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