ChampOne Rs 501 Smartphone| Features | How to Book | Cash on Delivery


ChampOne Rs 501 Smartphone | Features | How to Book | Cash on Delivery

It seems the smartphone makers will not stop offering you updated and cheap phones until the world ends one day. When at the one side the mobile network providers fight against each other for more facilities at a cheaper rate, on the other the smartphone makers are trying hard to knock down each other by offering more features at even lower rates. After the big bang launch of Freedom 251, now another domestic start-up namely ChampOne comes up with ChampOne 501 smartphone that will be available only at Rs. 501/-. It seems like C1 501 will give a tough competition to Freedom 251 which is still struggling to capture the smartphone market.

ChampOne 501 Features

  • ChampOne 501 or C1 501 is a smartphone and has almost all the features that you can expect from a mediocre smartphone these days. The handset comes with 5 inch display (IPS) and 1.3GHz Quad-core processor. Selfie lovers will get 5MP front camera along with 8MP rear camera.
  • The handset comes with extensive 16 GB internal memory and 2GB RAM which is quite extra for a Rs. 501 phone. However other features like calling, SMS, social network, music player will be almost same as other smartphones in the market.
  • Also the phone offers fingerprint sensor or you can call it biometric lock and 4G LTE support which is also quite attractive for this new set.

ChampOne Rs 501 Smartphone

How to Buy ChampOne Rs 501 Smatphone | Register and Receive the Phone | Cash on Delivery

The phone is launched by the domectic communication start up namely ChampOne Communication. The company stated that the smartphone is available at Rs. 501/- for few days and it is a part of sales promotion. After official launch of the phone nationwide the average cost to buy the phone will be Rs 8000/-.

To the phone at this lower price one has to register under flash sale of ChampOne. The registration has been started from 22nd August 2016. The phone will be delivered to the registered customers on 2nd September 2016 on cash on delivery basis.

To register for the phone you can click on their official website . Find for the C1 501 (ChampOne 501) phone and follow the instruction to register for the phone.

Overall verdict

The company is new and rarely anyone heard about this communication start up before this news broke. As of now the only report came from the registration website was ‘crashing’ the site every time people are clicking on online payment getaway. Now here is something to worry about. The company has stated that the flash sale will take place on September 2nd and on COD basis. But every time we click on the registration button it takes us to payment page. It is quite a known scenario as the same thing happened while registering for the Freedom 251. If the company is promising for COD facility then why is it taking the applicants to the payment getaway page? If it does not bother you then you can freely go for registration. But as of now even when the offer looks lucrative, this question leaves us worried.

C1 501 –ChampOne Rs 501 SmartphoneSpecs at a glance

Display 5 inch IPS
Memory 2GB RAM, 16GB Internal
Camera 8MP rear, 5MP Front
Processor 1.3GHz Quad Core
Network 4G LTE
Price Rs 501
Payment Option Cash on Delivery

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