Jan 172018

Exclusive Industrial Development Scheme in J&K (subsidy on capital investment) Dr. Drabu, the finance Minister of the state of J&K will soon come up with a new scheme enhancing industrial sector in the state. The scheme namely Exclusive Industrial Development Scheme will help the industries to promote and expand more across the state. Under this […]

Jan 032018

Chah Bagichar Dhan Purashkar Mela 2017-18 In Assam (Cash Award Scheme Tea Garden Worker) Assam state government has started a new scheme to encourage demonetisation in the state. People belonging to the biggest industry in the state, tea gardens, will be able to receive cash award from the state government under Chah Bagicha Dhan Puraskar […]

Jan 022018
Free Power (Electricity) Supply Scheme Farmers In Telangana

Free Power (Electricity) Supply Scheme Farmers In Telangana The state government of Telangana, has announced of supplying electricity to the farmers in the state, Free of cost. According to the new statements made the government aims at providing farmers with uninterrupted 24×7 electricity supply for their farm lands. To ensure that the facility is not […]

Dec 302017
Scheme for Adolescent Girls (SAG) SABLA Yojana And Rapid Reporting System Online Monitoring)

Scheme for Adolescent Girls (SAG) – SABLA Yojana Expansion Approved by Central And Rapid Reporting System (A web-based online monitoring) The Central Government has announced the expansion of the SAG- Scheme for Adolescent Girls (SABLA) to additional districts within the country. Under the new expansion scheme the central government aims at covering more number of adolescent girls […]

Dec 302017
Uttar Pradesh Yuva Sangam Portal Scheme

Uttar Pradesh Yuva Sangam Portal (yuvasangam.in) With the intention of driving the potential youths of state, the UP CM Yogi Adityanath introduces the Yuva Sangam portal. The main motive behind the launch of social welfare portal for youths is to create the positive energy among the talented youths to uplift the society by bringing their […]

Dec 262017
'Utkarsh' CM e-Dashboard Uttarakhand

Utkarsh CM e-Dashboard Uttarakhand The Uttarakhand State Government has taken another step towards Digitization in India. In a recent event the CM of the state has started a new web portal namely CM e-Dashboard. The portal will be a digital way of monitoring the progress of the state and central run development programs. The portal […]

Dec 242017
Sarana Balyam Scheme Kerala

Sarana Balyam Scheme in Kerala The state government of Kerala has announced the successful implementation of the Sarana Balyam Scheme within the state. The new scheme is aimed at rehabilitating and indentifying the children within the state who are being exploited on accounts of child labor, begging activities and other harassments. Implementation details According to […]

Dec 242017
Kisan Uday Yojana (Pump Sets (Specification ) For Farmers) In Uttar Pradesh

Kisan Uday Yojana (Pump Sets (Specification ) For Farmers) In Uttar Pradesh The State Government of Uttar Pradesh has announced the introduction of the new scheme termed as Kisan Uday Yojana. Under this new scheme the state government aims at offering benefits to the state farmers by distributing energy efficient pumps. The state government also […]