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How to Buy Rs 99 Smartphone Mobile | Namotel Acche Din | Cash On Delivery

After Freedom 251, another cheap phone has walked into the smartphone Industry in India. This brand new phone, Namotel Acche Din, is said to be the world’s cheapest smart phone till today. It is launched by a Bangalore based company and it costs only Rs. 99/- which is much lower than the previously launched phone Freedom 251, which was priced at Rs. 251/-. The namotel acche din handsets will be available in their website from 17th of this month till 25th of the month May 2016. People from all over India can book the handset within 25th May 2016.

 Rs 99 Smartphone Mobile Namotel Acche Din

Rs 99 Mobile Namotel Acche Din – specification

  • According to the makers of the handset, the phone comes with Android 5.1 lollipop operating system which is quite a surprising element at this low range. The other specifications are as follows
  • Processor: the phone has 1.3 GHz quad core processor. Normally a smart phone with such processor costs at least Rs. 4000/- and above. But is offering it at Rs. 99/-
  • Display: colour HD display with 4” screen size.
  • Connectivity: 3G, 2G speed with WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity. Edge and GPRS are also available.
  • RAM: 1 GB RAM and internal storage of 4 GB.
  • Camera: 2MP rear camera and surprisingly 0.3 MP front camera
  • Sim slot: dual sim card can be used in the handset.
  • Battery Life: 1325 mAh battery life.

Rs 99 Mobile – the company is a Bangalore based mobile company runs by Madhava Reddy. According to some sources, Reddy was previously working with a leading private bank in India in home loan department. Sources say, the domain name is registered on the month of March this year. As of now no products are launched from this company so it is not easy to say anything about neither the company nor the handset. The website was busy since the news came out. It could be due to heavy login or something like that.

Reddy is positive about it and said this handset (with added tag line “acche din”) is an initiative towards making India. With this cheapest handset in the world ($1.5 international price) the company will be able to change the world of smartphone.

Namotel – price

Namotel is said to be the world’s cheapest smartphone. Though the phone is registered under phones worth Rs. 2, 999/- but Reddy said, people who book the phone online in advance will get them at only Rs. 99/-. There is an additional charge of Rs. 199/- has to paid as home delivery charge. So basically it means the price of the product is less than the delivery charge of the product which is another surprising thing to be noted here.

As mentioned that the international price of the product is only $1.5, so it is surely being the cheapest of all phones in the world. Though the phone is only available in India, it can make a lot difference in the international market as well.

How to buy rs 99 Mobile the Namotel Acche Din

Namotel acche din mobile phone is available in their website To book the phone you need to follow some simple steps as mentioned below.

  • Go to the website
  • Find the section smartphones and click on to the namotel Android smartphone @ 99/- tab.
  • Go to specifications and conditions, read them carefully.
  • Find the ‘book now’ tab and click on the tab to book your phone.
  • You will be redirected to the page where you will find a form.
  • Fill up the form as per the instruction. Mandatory fields are name, address, e-mail ID, phone number and such. Other fields like payment methods and Aadhaar number are also mandatory.
  • Once the form filling up is complete, submit the form.
  • Select the payment method and pay for the handset
  • Your booking procedure is complete.

Namotel Acche Din – Aadhaar card holders

The promoter of the website, Mr. Reddy ahs said the phone is for the Indian citizen only and to book the phone one needs to hold an Aadhaar Card. That means people who don’t carry an Aadhaar still now will not be able to book or buy the namotel acche din handsets.

Final Verdict – Namotel Acche Din

Honestly speaking, previously no such phones have made any difference in the world of smartphones in India. for instance, Freedom 251 or Docoss X1 – neither of them could make any user smile. Because the company and the handset both are new in this field, there are many speculations going on. The owner of was previously attached with a bank so it is clear that he hasn’t any experience in smartphone industry.

The company offers such a product which is cheaper than its delivery charge which is somewhere weird as well. On the contrary, some of the people are saying the phone could do better with such price as the features are not that mush attractive.

Other features like whatsapp, facebook, twitter and other social networking apps are available in the phone. At this rate having so many things in one handset is definitely something to worry about. According to some surveys, India is one such country which is still not very friendly about the technology used in mobile phones and other gadgets. Most of the Indians attract to the price of the product and that is where the makers can play their profit oriented games. Companies like Ringing Bells have already failed to meet the expectations of the users. We are hoping this time people will not get disappointed and this handset will lead to promote making India largely in international market as well.

Namote Acche Din – at a glance

Namotel Acche Din Features
Price Rs. 99/-
Operating system Android 5.1 Lollipop
Screen Colour HD display, size 4”
Camera 2MP rear, 0.3MP front
Sim slot Dual sim
Connectivity 2G, 3G, WiFi, Bluetooth, GPRS, Edge
Available online 17th-25th May 2016

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