Buy Freedom 420 (Cash on Delivery) Specification


Buy Freedom 420 (Cash on Delivery) Specification  – Scam Again?

Freedom 251 – do you recall the name? Yes! That’s the name of smartphone that was supposed to hit market at a cost of INR 251. It turned out to be a scam though it was not as big a scam as some of the following: Well, compared to these scams mentioned above, the Freedom 251 scam was a tiny drop in big ocean of scams that Indian politicians and businessmen pulled over years. Freedom 251 – the much-awaited cheapest smartphone ever – glided into oblivion suddenly and many people who pre-booked the phone by shelling out INR 251, lost their money.

Freedom 420 Buy

That’s a tiny amount to lose but still, the company did pull a scam and post its shutdown, a new management took over. This new management has decided to come back in market but this time, not will a super-cheap smartphone but instead, it is playing the ‘feature-phone’ card!

Freedom 420 – Feature Phone With 4G Capabilities

The new management wants to bring in a feature phone which comes with 4G capabilities. Well, “feature phone” and “4G” don’t really make working sense but they can actually be an odd duo pulling off an unusual marriage. Honestly, there are such duos out there. Lava and Micromax have already introduced 4G-ready feature phones.

The question however is, “is this Freedom 420 a new scam about to hit the market?” India didn’t forget that one founder of the previous company (we will call it Freedom 251) was arrested and the rest managed to evade law. So now, people may not be so open-handed in welcoming something, which can very well be a new scam with a new face.

Taking of the name – Freedom 420 – people kind of get creeps. Why shouldn’t they? 420 is synonymous to scams and thefts and the said feature phone is adopting that unfortunate name. This means, the new management of the old company may actually have hard time garnering faith from Indian users.

The question is, “Will Indian Government allow such a scam (if at all it is) to float around openly and that too in the name of “Make in India”?”.

Freedom 251 Was Virtually Impossible

Needless to say, Freedom 251 banked on the ambitious (and of course successful) “Make in India” drive. However, according to Firstpost, making a smartphone calls for a bare minimum price of INR 1,000. Manufacturing cost cannot go below that. Freedom 251 said that they have partners (they didn’t take name) and they also said that they will use tax-breaks under “Make in India” drive to pull off a smartphone at INR 251. They just miscalculated (or perhaps they knew it wasn’t possible) and the story ended abruptly with thousands of people losing INR 251 each.

Talk of 4G, it is really true that 4G chips are now really really cheap! Still, just how cheap can they get? As we mentioned earlier, Lava and Micromax have 4G-ready feature phones. These two companies are known for introducing low-cost phones in market and gave a big blow to companies like Sony, Samsung etc. Still, despite being able to deliver low-cost phones, Micromax and Lava couldn’t deliver 4G-enabled feature phones below the mark of INR 1,000.

So, how is Freedom 420 going to do that? This question points us to a world of mysteries because nothing about it has been disclosed. Come on, we mean, you need to acquire the basic input materials, take care of working expenses, machinery for assembly and so on… There’re a hell lot of expenses to deal with unless of course, you already have a majority of those expenses covered earlier like you have machinery and assembly facilities, you have automation is place, you have dealt with taxes and so on… So, a 4G-enabled feature phone for INR 420 – is that even possible?

Features of Freedom 420

Phone watchers or phone enthusiast (unlike us) will definitely want to know the features of the phone. Not much of information has been dumped in market but here is what we know so far:

  • Screen size: 4.20 Inches
  • RAM: 420 MB
  • Onboard Storage: 1 GB but usable memory is only 420 MB
  • Rear Camera: 4.20 Mega Pixels
  • Selfie Camera: Gol Dang It! There’s none. You know what? There’s cost factor that needs to be taken care of.

Did you notice?

4.20” screen, 420 MB RAM, 420 MB usable onboard memory, 4.20 MP camera – the company seems to be a big fan of “420”.

Note :- Hi Guys this is a April Fools Joke :- Keep Smiling 

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