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BSNL 1GB for Rs 1 Plan | BSNL To Launch Unlimited Wired Broadband for Just Rs. 249


BSNL offering cheap broadband is more like saying, ‘hey, see the sun is rising from the west’. Sarcasm aside, that is precisely what BSNL plans on doing this September. In order to take on private players in market and woo in new customers, BSNL has decided to launch a wireline or wired broadband plan on September 9, 2016.

It will be a promotional unlimited plan that will be competing directly with ‘1 GB for Rs 50’ 4G offer from Reliance Jio. Essentially, this plan from BSNL will cut down expenses for users to less than a rupee for every 1 GB data download provided users consume 300 gigs of data a month. A consumption level below that will mean the price per GB will increase.

What BSNL Has to Say About the New Plan

The difference between Reliance Jio and BSNL will be the nature of the connection. Jio is wireless while BSNL’s this new upcoming plan is going to be wireline or wired connection. According to the BSNL PSU, the plan will be named as ‘Experience Unlimited BB 249’. According to the spokesperson, this plan is affordable and it is cost effective. It will hit the market on 9th of September this year.

Anupam Shrivastava, who is the Managing Director as well as Chairman of BSNL, said that this new plan will serve several important purposes. Most important of all is that new customers will get attracted to BSNL broadband services. On top of that, user experience will be enhanced when it comes to using wired connections.

The question of speed is also addressed by BSNL with this new upcoming plant. According to Shrivastava, the plan will offer a speed of 2 Mbps. Thus, what users will get is unlimited download with absolutely no data limits and they will enjoy high speed internet at the same time.

Is there a catch? Of course there is. According to Shrivastava, the price per gig of data download will be cut down to less than a rupee if 300 gigs of data are consumed but, that will be for a period of just 6 months. After six months are over, the telecom company will move the customer to a regular plan but the customer will get to choose a plan from the existing ones.

Shrivastava also said that with this Experience Unlimited BB 249, BSNL will become the only telecom company to offer the lowest cost broadband to users.

What Reliance Wants to Offer to Indian Customers

Reliance Industries on the other hand had their 42nd yearly general meeting on September 1, 2016. In the meeting, Mukesh Ambani – the chairman of the Reliance Industries stated that data should be cheap and hence, where the market norm is of 250 rupees per gig of data, Reliance Jio will lower the bar to the range of rupees 25 to rupees 50 for every gig of data. As of now, Reliance Jio is on a mission to acquire 100 million users throughout India within the lowest possible time frame.

A Quick Table to Differentiate Between Reliance Jio and Experience Unlimited BB 249

Features Experience Unlimited BB 249 Reliance Jio
Sector Public Sector Private sector
Company BSNL Reliance
Plan Unlimited Broadband for Rs 249 per month that boils down to less that Re. 1 for every 1 GB data use if 300 GB is consumed in a month Offers 1 GB data at Rs 50
Connection type Wired 4G wireless (mobile data or Wi-Fi hotspot)

MoU Signed by BSNL

BSNL on the other hand has revealed that it has signed a MoU (which stands for Memorandum of Understanding) with state’s Telecom Department. The MoU is all about performance based targets for Public Sector Units (PSU) of telecom. Interestingly, BSNL signs this MoU on a yearly basis. BSNL gets some performance targets every year based on certain parameters. These targets are set by DPE or Department of Public Enterprises and DOT. At the end of the year, DPE evaluates the performance of BSNL based on target achievement within the given parameters and then rewards BSNL with ratings based on how the telecom company performed.

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