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Bhavantar Bharpai Yojana in Haryana For Fixed MSP On Vegetable (Apply Process

India is a country that depends on agriculture to feed its teeming population. But the condition of farmers is far from satisfactory. Each year, hundreds of agricultural workers commit suicide after losing their investment due natural or artificial disasters. To provide some relief to these farmers, the central and state governments have implemented various welfare programs. In the coming year, Haryana state will gift its farmers another program that will pave a way to protect the investment by providing compensation and fixing base cost for crops. The Bhavantar Bharpai Yojana is related to correcting the price deficit.

Bhavantar Bharpai Yojana for Haryana Farmers (MSP)


1 Name Bhavantar Bharpai Yojana in Haryana
2 Launched Date 1 January 2018
3 Launched By Mr Khattar (CM of the State)
4 Official Site

Key features of the scheme

  1. Empowering agricultural workers – To ensure that the agricultural workers get the profit that they desire, the state government of Haryana will implement this scheme. It will not only guarantee fixed price for the produce, but will also empower them in other ways.
  2. All farmers will be included – Agricultural workers of all categories will be allowed to get the benefits of this scheme. Those who are associated with raising both traditional and exotic crops will get the advantages of this new program.
  3. Fixing MSP – MSP stands for the Minimum Support Price, and with this program, Haryana authority will make sure that the farmers get the basic price for the produce. This arrangement will reduce chances of them incurring a loss.
  4. Doubling farmers’ income – Another feature of this scheme is to provide all kinds of assistance to farmers so that they can get more money by selling the crops. The aim of the government is to make sure that all farmers can earn twice as much as they are earning now by the end of 2022.
  5. Vegetable chosen for the scheme – For now, Haryana government has mentioned the names of four major crops, for which, the state will fix the base price on immediate basis. Potatoes, tomatoes, onion and cauliflowers have found a place in this list. Eventually, other crops will be included as well.
  6. Access to new market – In case the farmers can reach out to newer markets and get more exposure, they will get a better chance to sell their produce and make more profit. Keeping this in mind, Haryana government will grant pass to sell their crops in Delhi and NCR bazaars.
  7. Providing compensation – A unique feature about the scheme is in case the farmers sell the crops, and fails to make a profit or get back the invested amount, the state will provide financial support in the form of compensation.
  8. Peri-urban cultivation process – It will also pave the way for the adoption of Peri-urban cultivation methodologies. It will assure more income and profit than a farmer used to make with traditional agricultural methods.
  9. Preventing wastage of produce – Crops do not stay fresh for an infinite time span. Though the state will provide better storage facilities, it will also put stress on demand based agriculture so that fewer crops are wasted.

Implementation process of the scheme

  1. To make sure that all farmers get the advantages of this new program, the state authority will implement it on as much as 25% of total cultivable area present in the state.
  2. Better agriculture must be supported with better vegetable and fruit mandis. As per the reports, new fruit and vegetable markets will be set up in the state and its periphery. For this, the state will acquire and develop 500 acres.
  3. According to reports, the state will start the task of establishing markets in selected locations in Sonipat and Ganaur. Apart from these, work is in progress on special flower mandis in Gurugram.
  4. Indo-Israel and milk market are also a part of this scheme. Step by step implementation will develop the overall status of agricultural workers.

It is another addition to the already existing list of welfare schemes that has been targeted towards to bring development of the farmers of Haryana. With its implementation, the investment of all agricultural workers will be safeguarded from losses, due to lowered price of the produce in the markets. The state authority will be able to reduce instances of farmer deaths owing to its implementation.

Latest Update On 03 January 2018 Bhavantar Bharpai Yojana

Application Process

The facility for getting registered under the scheme has been offered by the government via web portal services. Applicants who want to take the benefit under the scheme can now get registered online over the internet.

  • If any farmer who wants to take benefit under the scheme will first have to create his registration ID on the official web portal for Farmer facility. The moment you access the web portal you shall be directed towards the home page of the web site.
  • On the home page if the farmer does not have a registration ID then he will have to select “Register Farmer” option. You will be able to view the option on the right side on the home page.
  • The moment you click the option you shall be redirected towards the registration page. You will have to provide with all required details on the application form.
  • All details that are required to fill in may include details related to the farmer, personal information and bank details. Apart from this the farmer will also have to provide with details related to their land.
  • Once all details have been entered you will then have to save the information by clicking the “Save” option. With this the process of registration will be completed.
  • For future reference farmers also have an option here they can request for a hard copy of the application form by selecting Print option.

Application Form

  • The application form is available online on the web portal You have to fill in all possible details required including your State, District, Village and Block.
  • After this the Farmers will have to enter information related to their Name, Parents/ Husbands name, gender details and category. This has to be selected from the drop down menu provided next to the bar.
  • Farmers will also have to provide with information related to Aadhar card, PAN card and Voter ID for reference and verification. Applicants will have to enter their valid mobile phone number that is linked to Aadhar card.
  • Once all details have been submitted you just have to save the form for further process.

Web Portal

All details related to scheme and registration can be found on the official website at You can reach the official website from your web browser to access it.

Latest News Update On 16 Jan 2018

Important Dates

Here are the important dates under the scheme when farmers can register for the said crops and enjoy the benefits. As the scheme offers huge benefits to the farmers here are the dates for applying for the selected crops.

  • Onion: The application date for farming onion crops starts from 20th December 2017 and will end up on 15th February 2018.
  • Tomato: Farmers can apply and register for the Tomato crops as well. Application started from 15th December 2017 and will last till February 15th, 2018.
  • Cauliflower and Potato: Application dates for online registration of both these crops have been over already. It started from 10th October 2017 and ended up on 30th November 2017.


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