Apply and Book Reliance JIO Fibre Preview offer [Cost of Jio Fiber to the home (FTTH)]


Apply and Book Reliance JIO Fibre Preview offer [Cost of Jio Fiber to the home (FTTH)]

According to the latest tweets from Reliance group, the company has launched its Reliance Jio Fibre Preview services in the country in major cities. The plan’s about the new launch was confirmed in the tweets made by Reliance officials @JioCare.

Reliance JIOFibre Preview offer

Selected Cities where services were launched

  • Official sources from Reliance have confirmed that the new Fibre Preview services were launched in few parts of Mumbai city and NCR-Delhi.
  • Apart from this the services were also introduced in the cities of Jamnagar, Ahmedabad, Vadodara and Surat.
  • The officials have also made it clear that they have planned to introduce this service in other cities too.
Sno Cities
1 Mumbai
2 Delhi NCR
3 Gurgaon
4 Noida
5 Jamnagar
6 Ahmedabad
7 Vadodara
8 Surat

Procedure to apply for Jio Fiber

  • It is certain that customers can make use of its welcome pack by May end for free as an introductory package by the company.
  • The company will offer free services for 90 days to experience the internet speed and usage.
  • If you are interested in using Jio Fiber services then it is certain that you can visit the nearest reliance web store and get registered for the services.

Benefits under Reliance JioFiber

  • According to the sources it is certain that JioFiber will offer customers with high data speed equivalent to 100mbps.
  • The company is also planning to offer free services for at least three months for its existing customers. This statement was officially made by India Today reporters.

Pricing offered by Reliance JioFiber

  • To get the services for Jio Fiber Data package customers may have to pay around Rs 500 for using 600 Giga byte of data.
  • If you want to subscribe for 1000 Giga byte data package then you may have to invest around Rs 2000 for the services. These charges are available for customers to subscribe for monthly package.
  • To get subscribed for 200 MBPs data you may have to invest around Rs 3500 for 750 GB data every month.
  • 400 MBPs is available for Rs 4000 monthly in exchange for 500 GB data usage for 30 days.
  • Reliance Jio is also offering with 600 MBPs for Rs 5500 per month. Under this plan customers can use around 300 GB of data.
  • Jio is also offering with Volume based plans which range between Rs 1000 to Rs 5000 for 5 GB to 60 Gb daily usage plan.
  • Under the Volume based plan it is certain that the company is willing to offer with unlimited speed for data exchange.
  • Jio is also offering with a special plan ranging between Rs 500 to Rs 800 for 600 GB to unlimited Data usage per month. Let us see when these services are rolled out as we are still waiting for the Reliance Jio 999 Phone and Jio d2h services.

Other services offered by Reliance Jio (Smart calling)

  • According to latest updates from sources, Reliance Jio has planned to implement smart calling features for its customers.
  • This smart feature will enable users to connect all their phone lines in a single device to send or receive calls.
  • This feature will allow users to connect mobiles to landlines or vice versa such that they can receive their calls on any device.
  • Apart from this the company is also making plans to implement surveillance systems for homes for their customers.
  • Under this system the company shall provide surveillance via chime alarm, smart lock, smart doorbell and smart camera for your home.
  • Users can manage each of the above said devices using their mobile phones.

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