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Anundoram Borooah Scheme in Assam

After UP, it is Assam that is giving away free laptops to its meritorious students. The impetus to education is high in these states and it is expected that by giving away these laptops students will fare better in their upcoming exams. The board exams are now nearly a month away. By announcing this scheme, the Assam Government has proclaimed that it will surely give more impetus to its bright students.

Anundoram Borooah Scheme in Assam

All about Anundoram Borooah Scheme

  • The awards are being given in the honor of Anundoram Borooah who was the first ICS from Assam and also India’s first deputy commissioner. The move is being welcome by the students heartily.
  • Those students who are able to secure first division in HSLC and Assam High Madrassa are eligible for this scheme. Also the ones who are able to secure first division in the Senior Madrassa Exams will be encouraged by giving this award.
  • The meritorious students, who will be selected, will be awarded a certificate along with a laptop or a cheque of the same amount as a laptop.
  • Since the Scheme is being popularly called the Anundoram Borooah Award, there is a slight confusion. However, it is totally different from the literary award of the same name.
  • You have to secure first division with an aggregate mark of 70% to be eligible. This is because giving away laptops to all first division holders may not go down well in the long run. Hence the bars have been set higher.
  • Talks are also in line for sending the meritorious students from the science departments for a tour of NASA.

History and objectives of the scheme

Although it seems like a new scheme, which has been going around (first in UP and now in Assam), the scheme was first conceived in the year 2005. In fact, it was announced by the government back then.

The main objective of this scheme is to help the students cultivate a competitive mindset so that they are able to fair well in their exams. This will also help them get better future and more literacy will be propagated across the state. Students will also feel encouraged to have a wide overall perception and in-depth knowledge with the help of IT education.

The government wants to set the values higher and therefore in doing so, they want to set the bars to 75 per cent or above. Although it was being given to all students below 70% in the past, it will not be done anymore – the bars are higher now.


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