Jan 182016

CSD Seek timely Direction from MoTA to Halt Ama Jungle Yojana in Odisha 

According to sources, The Campaign for Survival and Dignity (CSD) is not happy with the launch of Ama Jungle Yojana in the state of Odisha. They want timely direction or even halt of the Ama Jungle Yojana, launched by the Odisha State Govt. and have applied it to the MoTA- Ministry of Tribal Affairs, Govt. of India.

Ama Jungle Yojana is a state government scheme launched by the Govt. of Odisha which was launched in 2014 to promote the restoration of forests and improving the living standards of those tribes and communities who depend on forest resources. There are several tribes living in the jungles who totally depend on the forests for their livelihood. According to the scheme, the target is to get it implemented in more than seven thousand Van Suraksha Samitis (VSS), which covers a total land area of more than 3.5 lakh hectares.

Ama Jungle Yojana Odisha

This project will be done in parts. Right now, Ama Jungle Yojana is supposed to get implemented to those backward districts which have maximum tribe population and a majority of which depends on farming and agriculture. The farm forestry will be also promoted. The Forest Dept. will implement all its resources and take all necessary measures for the implementation of this scheme and restore the forests. The project will also be helped by several other NGOs for its implication.

But according to CSD, Odisha, there is a need to curb the implementation of Ama Jungle Yojana as AJY will give constitutional power to Van Suraksha Samitis, from the hands of the Gram Sabhas. Gram Sabhas currently enjoy constitutional powers in remote areas, as per the Forest Rights Act, 2006. But CSD is unhappy from shift of these powers to VSS and want the Ministry of Tribal Affairs to hold on the Ama Jungle Yojana.

CSD is a body that fights for community rights of the tribal population in Odisha. According to them, the Forest Dept. of Odisha has not helped in any way to give community rights to the tribal population of more than 50,000 villages. Proper recognition and rights of the tribes are not being fulfilled till now and the Forest Dept. is held solely responsible for the act. They have claimed the Ama Jungle Yojana to be illegal and want their halt to avoid possible outrage from the forest dwellers and the tribal people of the state of Odisha.

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