Airtel 4G Vs Idea 4G Vs Vodafone 4G JIO 4G Data Plan Comparison


Airtel 4G Vs Jio 4G Vs Vodafone 4G Idea 4G Data Plan Comparison 2017

From the start of 2016, we have seen the big players in the telecom and networking industries are gearing up with their 4G plans for the customers. 4G or the 4th generation internet is nothing but improved and high speed internet service gateway, from the existing speeds. The big players out there in the market offering 4G services to millions of customers are Airtel, Idea and Vodafone. Also there are other competitors getting up in line like the mighty Reliance. The 4G internet services are still not totally available in all parts of the country. These companies have launched these 4G services only in selected states. Below are the comparisons of the various 4G internet facilities by Idea, Vodafone and Airtel.

Airtel 4G Idea 4G Vodafone 4G Jio 4G

Vodafone 4G

Vodafone 4G is the world’s largest network of 4th generation internet high speed connectivity. After it has reached 3G services across the lengths and breadths of the nation, Vodafone has taken up the job to spread the 4G network among its customers. It started its 4G services in the state of Kerala. After that they have started launching 4G data packs for customers of Karnataka. Its cheapest 4G pack comes at Rs. 29 for a 120 MB data which has validity period of 3 days. And the largest package is of Rs. 2,499 for 20 GB of 4G high speed data.

Airtel 4G

Bharti Airtel has the largest network of 4G services provided in India. It has launched its 4G services in almost every major city in every state of the country. With uninterrupted high speed 3G data services, it is current ruling the 4G market in India. The Airtel 4G data packs can be accessed by the customers through their smart phones enabled with 4G. Also there are 4G dongles available in the market launched by Airtel to spread 4G connectivity in the country. One can buy a 10 GB 4G data in Trivandrum for Rs. 1,347. But this same data pack costs a whooping Rs. 1,998 in Amritsar. There are different ranges of products of 4G data packs by Bharti Airtel.

Idea 4G

Unlike Airtel, which provides 4G internet services throughout the nation, Idea cellular only has its 4G services limited in few states of southern India. The 4G spectrum by the Idea cellular is present only in the states of Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka. There are various ranges of data packs of 4G internet services by Idea. Right now there is a limited offer of extra double data with the 4G packs given by Idea. A 1 GB 4g data pack of Idea costs Rs. 249. In addition to this, Idea is giving another 1 GB free under a limited period offer to its customers. Also the price of 10 GB of 4G data is Rs. 1,346 along with which another 10 GB data is absolutely free. So Idea has the lowest rates of 4G data right now compared to Airtel and Vodafone.

Sl. No. Important fields Vodafone Idea Airtel
1 States where the 4G data services are available Kerala and Karnataka Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala and Karnataka. Kerala, Karnataka, West Bengal, Maharashtra, Punjab, Haryana, Andhra Pradesh, Delhi, Tamil Nadu and Uttar Pradesh.
2 120 MB 4G data pack Rs. 29 (validity 3 days)
3 500 MB 4G data pack Rs. 149 (Validity 28 days) Rs. 145 (validity 15 days in Trivandrum)
4 1 GB 4G data pack Rs. 251 (Validity 28 days) Rs. 249 (Validity 28 days) Rs. 255 (Validity 28 days in Amritsar)
5 2 GB 4G data pack Rs. 449 (Validity 30 days) Rs. 448 (Validity 30 days) Rs. 455 (Validity 30 days)
6 5GB 4G data pack Rs. 849 (Validity 30 days) Rs. 848 (Validity 30 days)
7 10 GB Rs. 1,505 Rs. 1,346 Rs, 1,998 (Amritsar) and Rs.1,347 (Trivandrum)

Airtel Launches myPlan Infinity With Unlimited Local, STD & National Roaming Calls and 3G/4G data

The big cat fight is growing more and more between the leading telecommunication providers regarding the rates and the data plans. In this era of online world, where one provider is offering speedy net connection, others are slashing the rates to the lowest level to grab more customers. After the introduction of Jionet connection by Reliance Communication, other service providers like Vodafone, Airtel and Idea make sure to offer much cheaper plans to the customers. The Delhi–based telecom service provider Bharti Airtel lands up with a new data plan “myPlan Infinity’ that allows you to make voice call for free. Also under this plan you can enjoy unlimited music from Wynk Music and Wynk movies.

Features of myPlan Infinity by Airtel

Airtel had launched ‘myPlan’ a long time back, in the year 2013. Since then the plan becomes quite popular as it offered different plans under different prices. The user can easily choose his / her plan accordingly. After 3 years of successfully implemented plan, now Airtel comes up with a revised plan called ‘myPlan Infinity’ that offers huge data plans under 3G / 4G connection.

  • The plan will be available with post paid connection. In the earlier plan, users used to get only two price options under post paid connection. But with this new plan they will get two more options along with the previous ones. These new prices are cheaper and will offer much more than the price you are paying.
  • The lowest pack is of Rs. 1199/- per month. It will offer you unlimited voice calls, STD and roaming calls, 1 GB 3G or 4G internet, 100 SMS per day, unlimited music and movies from Wynk Music and movies offer. Under this pack you can also enjoy extra data packs if needed at the rate of 50 paisa per MB.
  • The second price option is of Rs. 1599/- per month. Under this plan, you will get 5 GB 3G or 4G internet pack with unlimited voice calls (local, STD or Roaming), 100 SMS per day, unlimited music and movies from Wynk movies and music. This pack also allows you to use your data at the lowest cost of 50 paisa per MB.
  • The other two little expensive packs are still in the market that offers 10 GB and 20 GB data packs respectively. According to the spoke person from Bharti Airtel, these new two schemes are launched for those who enjoy calling more than using data packs.

What to expect from it

At the first place unlimited voice calling will no doubt mange to attract a number of users. Though the rival provider Idea has already come up with similar plan of unlimited voice calls and 500 SMS per day in just Rs. 999/- per month, the network issue with Idea still remains the same.

In recent times Airtel launched the ‘open network’ plan where users can check the nearest Airtel tower for network connectivity. This will definitely make a difference to the plans as people now hopeful about the network of Airtel.

The plan seems to be worth other than the Rs. 1599/- plan. To compare with Rs. 1199/- plan, one will pay extra 400 bucks to get 4GB more data in a month. This seems to be little expensive as Rs. 200 will be enough for this extra portion of data connection. Under this plan if the user runs out of data, he can use additional data in just 50p per MB which is quite cheaper than other providers.

Other than this the plan overall looks convincing and cheaper. Though other service providers are coming up with new and cheaper products but their connectivity and network issues are helping Airtel to grow more. With their attractive and promising 4G connection and now ‘open network’ plan, the company has already gained quite a wide range of users.

On the other Reliance is all set to give a tough competition to Airtel with their Jio. In a couple of months we will get to know who wins over who in this tough cat fight.

Airtel post-paid myPlan Infinity Plans

Plans Benefits
  Calls Data SMS Wynk music Wynk Movies
Rs. 1199/- per month Unlimited local + STD +Roaming 1 GB 3G/4G 100 per day Unlimited Unlimited
Rs. 1599/- per month Unlimited local + STD + Roaming 5GB 3G/4G 100 per day Unlimited Unlimited
Rs. 1999/- per month Unlimited local + STD + Roaming 10GB 3G/4G 100 per day Unlimited Unlimited
Rs. 2999/- per month Unlimited local + STD + Roaming 20GB 3G/4G 100 per day Unlimited Unlimited

Reliance Jio Vs Vodafone vs Airtel 4G Plans

Features Reliance Jio

(19 INR for 1 day)


(23 INR for 3 days)


(12 INR for 1 day)

Voice Calls Unlimited N.A N.A
No Of SMS Unlimited N.A N.A
Data Limit 100MB 90MB 50MB
Features Reliance Jio (199 INR for 7 days) Airtel (145 INR for 14 days) Vodafone (102 INR for 10 days)
Voice Calls Unlimited N.A N.A
No Of SMS Unlimited N.A N.A
Data Limit 750MB + 1.5GB JioNet Wi-Fi 580MB 300MB
Features Reliance Jio (299 INR for 21 days) Airtel (250 INR For 1 month) Vodafone (250 INR For 1 month)
Voice Calls Unlimited N.A N.A
No Of SMS Unlimited N.A N.A
Data Limit 2GB + 4GB JioNet Wi-Fi 1GB 1GB
Features Reliance Jio (499 INR for 28 days) Airtel (455 INR  for 1 month) Vodafone ( 499 INR for 1 month)
Voice Calls Unlimited N.A 700 Min
No Of SMS Unlimited N.A 500
Data Limit 4GB + 8GB JioNet Wi-Fi 3GB 2GB

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