Oct 162015

Abaas Yojana Launched by Chief Minister of Odisha

On the wake of housing deficit faced by the state of Orissa, Naveen Patnaik, Chief Minister of the state took the much needed step of launching the Abaas Yojana. The formal launch of the scheme took place on 11th October, 2015 (Sunday). This Yojana also has a different name – Orissa Urban Housing Mission. This ambitious Yojana is directed towards those people of the society who are not financially well-off. During the launch, the CM said that the state government will be giving away land in free so that low-cost houses can be built for people.

Abaas Yojana Launched by Chief Minister of Odisha

Abaas is targeted to LIG or lower income group and EWS or economical weaker sections of people who live in Orissa. On August 25 this year, the government disclosed a policy known as Housing for All in Urban Areas. The Abaas will work as the nodal agency which will be in charge of implementing the policy.

Speaking during the launch of the Yojana, CM Patnaik said that this new scheme will allow attaining an equilibrium of demand and supply for houses and thereby wipe out the housing deficit in a time-bound fashion that the urban society has been facing.

The Abaas Yojana will successfully merge the private and the public sector in what is known as Public-Private Partnership, often abbreviated as PPP. Through this unique merger, the state government will provide special facilities to the private developers so that housing projects can be easily completed at lowest possible costs. The most interesting feature of PPP will be free land giveaway to private sector for minimization of costs.

The PPP will work in a number of way which can be summed up as:

  • 10% of houses in projects that span over an area of 2000 sq. m. will be set apart for mandatory reservation.
  • In order to promote low-cost projects, the sanction fee charged by development authorities will be waived off.
  • Government will give quick approval to these projects to ensure that the Abaas Yojana is completed in time-bound fashion.
  • In case of projects targeted for development on agricultural land, conversion charges will be waived off to keep the costs low.
  • Housing projects targeted for EWS category of people will be priced within the range of INR 5.54 lakhs and INR 7.91 lakhs.
  • Housing projects targeted for LIG category of people will be priced within the range of INR 8.17 lakhs and INR 15.82 lakhs.
  • EWS people are eligible for government subsidies through different schemes. However, amount of housing cost that is not covered by the subsidies are to be paid by the EWS people in case they want to buy EWS-targeted houses under Abaas.

As of now, Orissa has a deficit of 4.10 lakh houses. In order to minimize this deficit gap, government needs to build at least 3.60 lakh low-cost houses within the next decade throughout Cuttack and Bhubaneshwar region.

Four areas under BDA i.e., Bhubaneshwar Development Authority were selected by laying down of foundation stone by the CM. The four selected locations were: Chandrashekharpur, Nakhara, Ghatikia and Pandara.

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