Apply for Pregnancy Aid Yojana Scheme by Modi (6000 Rupee)


Apply for Pregnancy Aid Yojana |Pregnancy Aid Scheme by Modi (6000 Rupee)

One more gift to the women of Indian Republic from current Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi – “Pregnancy Aid Scheme”. That’s not the literal name but we will like to call it so for the time being to help identify the special benefit that the current central government of India has extended to the women of this nation on this New Year’s Eve.


Pregnancy Aid Scheme – What Is It?

Maternal mortality is one of the most pressing concerns in India. To combat this social evil, PM Narendra Modi has announced a direct financial aid for those Indian women who are pregnant or will become pregnant in days to come.

Under this financial aid scheme, the government will be providing a financial benefit of INR 6,000 to pregnant women. The highlights of this scheme are:

  • Money will be sent directly to the bank accounts of the women who are pregnant.
  • The money will provide some cover for nutritional food, vaccination expenses and of course, hospital admission expenses.
  • The scheme will cover nation’s 650 districts.

The reason for the decision of direct bank transfer to the bank accounts of the pregnant women is perfectly in like with the war he waged on corruption and black money. Direct bank transfer will eliminate spillage and the money will be transferred directly to the intended beneficiaries.

Meaningless to mention, PM Modi already had these plans in pipeline and hence, he first started with the massive financial inclusion scheme under the name Jan Dhan Account Yojana. Lakhs of women in India have opened new accounts under the scheme and hence, direct benefit transfer is no longer a major hurdle.

Pilot Project Already Started

While the announcement came as a New Year gift to Indian women, the government has actually started implementing the scheme. The pilot run has 53 districts under its cover and for now, the benefit has been limited to INR 4,000. Upon successful completion of the pilot run, the scheme will be launched full-scale across the entire nation.

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