19 May 2016 Live Election Result & Vote Counting Assembly Election


19 May 2016 Live Election Result & Vote Counting Assembly Election | West Bengal, Puducherry, Kerala, Assam and Tamil Nadu.

The five states of India have gone to the polls to decide their state governance for the next five years. The election results are going to come out on 19th of May, 2016. The candidates from both the ruling parties and the opposition parties and also the voters are eagerly waiting for the vote results in these five states. The states where the voting has been going on and where the results will be declared on 19th May are: West Bengal, Puducherry, Kerala, Assam and Tamil Nadu.

Live Election Result & Vote Counting Assembly Election

Counting of Votes on 19th of May, 2016

The Election Commission of India has already decided the date of the final counting when the votes which are cast over the past few weeks will be opened up for counting. The counting will be done in presence of the Election commission officials. The date of counting and result declaration is set to be 19th May, 2016. On this very date, after the vote counts, the names of the winning candidates of each constituency of the assembly elections in these five states will be declared through a final official announcement. The political party grabbing the majority seats will form and run the govt. for the next 5 years.

Assembly Elections in West Bengal

West Bengal is also one of the five states that is undergoing assembly elections. The previous assembly election was held in the year of 2011, five years ago. The present ruling TMC party of West Bengal came to power after ending the 34 year long governance of the Leftist party – CPM. After serving five years of governance under the leadership of Smt. M. Banerjee, the TMC is having tough challenge from opposition parties like the combined force of CPM and congress and the BJP. There are 294 seats on which elections are being held. The 2016 Bengal elections are organized in six phases and the results will come out on 19th May, 2016.

Assembly Elections in Tamil Nadu

There are 234 seats in Tamil Nadu where the polls are going to happen. To gain majority, at least 118 seats must be won. After just 3 days of polls, the votes will be counted on 19th May, 2016. The results of the winning candidates will be declared by the Election Commission and it will be clear which party will form the Govt. for next 5 year term in Tamil Nadu. The previous assembly election in Tamil Nadu was held in the year of 2011.

Assembly Elections in Assam

Assam has gone to assembly elections in the first two weeks of April. The elections were being held with the help of both Assam police and central forces working together. There are 126 constituencies in Assam. To form the government, the political parties participating in the Assam elections need at least 64 seats to gain majority. The opposition political parties of Assam are BJP and AIUDF. The Election Commission will perform the vote counting process on 19th May and the names of the winning candidates will be announced.

 Assembly Elections in Puducherry

Puducherry is a small union territory of India which is having its assembly elections on 16th May, 2016. There are 30 seats or constituencies in Puducherry. The last assembly elections were held in the year 2011 and the INC party formed the Govt. after getting majority seats. The main opposition party of Puducherry is BJP. The result declaration date of polls of Puducherry is also set. On 19th May, 2016, it will be clear that which party will form the Govt. for the course of next five years.

Assembly Elections in Kerala

For the 140 constituencies in the state of Kerala, the polls for the next Govt. will be held on 16th April, 2016 in a single phase. The date of declaration of poll result is 19th April, 2016. In the previous polls held in the year of 2011, the INC party emerged as the winning party and formed Govt. Another major opposition party giving tough fight to INC is CPI (M).

Below are the details of the General Legislative Polls in five states of India:

Sl. No. Attributes Important Data
1 Total no. of states going for assembly elections in 2016 5 states
2 Names of the states Assam, West Bengal, Puducherry, Kerala, Tamil Nadu
3 Date of vote counting and result declaration 19th May, 2016
4 Total No. of constituencies in Assam 126
5 Total No. of constituencies in Kerala 140
6 Total No. of constituencies in Tamil Nadu 234
7 Total No. of constituencies in West Bengal 294
8 Total No. of constituencies in Puducherry 30
9 Ruling Party of Assam INC
10 Ruling Party of Kerala INC
11 Ruling Party of West Bengal AITMC
12 Ruling Party of Puducherry INC
13 Ruling Party of Tamil Nadu AIADMK

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